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Pastry Philosophy at Moon Gypsy

Pastry Philosophy at Moon Gypsy

Auli Cinantya
21 September 2022


Moon Gypsy offers a haven for those searching for a relaxing brunch or good pastries accompanied by a cozy ambiance.


The Sudirman Business District Center seems as bustling as ever, whether from the white-collar workers or the always-updated food scene; something is always cookin’ up in this business district. Amidst the tall office buildings surrounding the area, restaurants and cafes could easily be found in the surrounding areas. 

I always have been fond of this area; whether for a business meeting or a leisure Sunday brunch with friends, this place can cater to all. That’s why when I found out there’s a new pastry shop, I decided to try it out. 

Hidden behind greeneries not far from Ashta District 8, Moon Gypsy offers baked goods, coffee, and a brunch menu in a relaxing atmosphere. A quirky logo greets you at the arrival, a man riding a horse glowing from the light underneath. While upon entering the place, rows of pastries can be easily seen along with the baristas skillfully crafting coffee for their guests. The left side of the area presents an open kitchen where guests can easily see how their pastries are made. 

Vincent Natasia and Natasha Tobagus are the brains behind Moon Gypsy. Having studied at the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, the duo complements each other; Vincent spends his time mainly in the hot kitchen, while Natasha is in charge of the pastries. Their labor of love resulted in the delicacies offered at Moon Gypsy. 

Serving up some baked goods, coffee, and brunch menu, Moon Gypsy offers a glimpse of their life back in Melbourne through a plate. “We used to do bakery-hopping on weekends and fell in love with Australia’s brunch scene,” explained the two. 

Their love of viennoiseries also translates into the name itself. Moon Gypsy derives from the crescent-shaped Croissant, while Gypsy is a reminder of their favorite place in Melbourne. “We take most of our inspiration from viennoiseries in Melbourne, especially from Lune Croissanterie. Their croissants are just heavenly. No wonder they’re deemed to have the best croissants.” 

Inspired by the cafe culture they encountered, Moon Gypsy serves as a place for travelers to come – for those who wander and looking for a quick bite on busy days or for those who just want a relaxing brunch away from the crowd. Their idea and goal are to serve the freshest pastries every day. With their primary focus on viennoiserie and pastry, aside from the classic selections, Moon Gypsy offers different flavor combinations on their menu.

As recommended, I tried their Ham & Cheese; this turned out to be Vincent’s favorite. Behind the flaky and delicate layers lays sliced smoky ham; the combination of savory and a touch of sweetness from the pastry hits the right way. 

After savory comes the sweet, and I love their Honey and Seasalt Kouign-Amann. If it weren’t famous for its labor of love, it wouldn’t be one of the world’s most extraordinary pastries. The enticing combination of sweet, salty, sticky, buttery, crispy, flaky, and soft must be tasted to be believed. It is as sweet as honey (mainly because it does use honey). Every layer of the pastry was delightful, light, thin, and crisp, and the crunchy sound when you bit into it was just like music to my ears. Every layer is thin and light, making these pastries the perfect companion to go with your favorite coffee or tea. 

Now, that is only the beginning, because the show’s star is yet to be mentioned. Aside from the satisfying pastries and viennoiseries selections, the dish you won’t want to miss is their brunch selections, and by far, these are my favorites.

Starting with their Galbi Benedict, juicy marinated galbi served with two perfect poached eggs, kimchi, salad, and fried wonton chips, on top of crispy and flaky  Kouign-Amann. Now let me tell you the joy I felt when that melty yolk sipped and melted its way into every crooks and layer of the Kouign-Amann, it was exhilarating. The caramelized marinated galbi was savory, and the sauce served a combination of savory and fresh and acidic kimchi. 

“If we talk about brunch places, it is a sin not to include Egg Benedicts. We wanted to elevate the regular Egg Benedicts and incorporate an Asian twist. Inspired by the Korean BBQ places, we decided to put Galbi and Kimchi on top of the Egg Benedicts. Lo and behold, the dish turns out good.” 

There’s always room for something sweet, but don’t be mistaken; their Ricotta Hotcake is not a simple dessert to fill your sweet cravings. The fluffy cake is served with a dollop of creamy ricotta on top, fresh and colorful seasonal fruits combined with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and a satisfying drizzle of maple syrup. This is the perfect brunch selection for those who want to start the day with something sweet. 

“We try to deliver the best and the freshest pastry possible while giving our customers new and exciting creations. So do stick with us for more upcoming seasonal items!” 

Moon Gypsy

Jl. Senopati No.16, Selong, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12110

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