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Where to Get The Most Satisfying Croissants in Bali

Where to Get The Most Satisfying Croissants in Bali

Auli Cinantya
21 July 2022


From the many humble and eyecatching bakeries and patisseries in Bali, we have traveled around to find the best Croissant this island offers.


Buttery, flaky yet soft, this French viennoiserie is named for their historical crescent shape. In the past few years, we have seen many unique Croissant creations that have been trending for some time, from Cronuts – the combination of Croissant and donuts – to Croffle, Croissant Toast, and many more. 

But the classic one is still unbeatable. The dough is layered with butter, rolled, and folded several times in succession, then rolled into a thin sheet in a technique called laminating. 

From the many humble and eyecatching bakeries and patisseries in Bali, we have traveled around to find the best Croissant this island offers. Many come with unique tasting notes; some make their Croissant with lots of research, adjusting to the weather in Bali, and others boast their unique Croissant texture and flavor. And you know, a good croissant should be rich, buttery, flaky, crispy, and neither chewy nor bready.

7AM Bakers Club

A variety of pastries and sandwiches will delight you upon entering. Decorate in a minimalist, industrial style decor; you can glimpse the ever-hectic kitchen at the back. The glass showcases several types of bread and pastries, ranging from baguettes and classic sourdough to bakers club sourdough stuffed with bamboo charcoal and sesame seeds. The pastry starts from croissants, chocolatine, raisin rolls, and dark cookies.

Located in North Kuta, this place is one of the famous ones in Bali, and I could tell easily by the queue lining up for the cashier. Dine in or take out; even online driver looks busy picking up their orders. As there were many selections, I was tempted to choose other delicacies, but maybe that’s for another time. 

Decided to choose the classic plain Croissant. Offering a crispy texture on the outside yet tender on the inside. The size is decent, not too big, but not too small. Although it is not as flaky as other croissants, 0700AM Bakers Club successfully delivers a light and airy Croissant, perfect for a meal with a cup of coffee. 

With a cozy ambiance, this location is ideal for hanging out with friends, family, or your significant other while enjoying the goods that the café offers.

Atelier 5

A good croissant should have a nice crunch sound when you bite or cut into them, and Atelier 5 delivers it really well. 

Located in Canggu, “Atelier 5” alludes to the patisserie’s unwavering commitment to providing customers with flawless creations. The word “atelier” means “workshop,” and the number “5”, in addition to being the address number, refers to the five senses that their works appeal to sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Think of the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked buttery croissants and the satisfying crunch of viennoiserie. 

The menu at Atelier 5 is diverse and includes Viennoiseries such as croissants, brioches, and chocolates; Sweet Treats like Canelé, Marble Cake, and Lemon Cream Financier; a selection of Biscuits; and a mouthwatering assortment of Madeleines. From sweet to savory, their baked goods line up with many delectable selections, but we are here to try the plain classic Croissant. 

Glossy and definitely eye-catching, you can tell just by the photos that the Croissant is really flaky, and it is correct. The sweet, crunchy noise was like music in my ear when I tried to make a clean cut – to show the mesmerizing honeycomb textures, and the buttery aroma hit right in the nose. It was worth it to come by as soon as the place opened. The quiet yet soothing ambiance of the place completed the experience – where I could indulge in this delicate and tasty viennoiseries.


As a further development of BRAUD Artisan Bakery, BRAUD Cafe debuted in 2020. Providing healthful, authentic cuisine, baked items, and sourdough loaves while drawing inspiration from everything around. Every day, the humble staff passionately handcrafts authentic loaves and baked delicacies on-site, letting customers witness the love, time, and work they put into their products.

The tantalizing smells of fresh baked goods welcome you as soon as you open the door. This place is packed with people enjoying their meals from morning till noon. The glass display shows some of the prettiest and most enticing pastries and viennoiserie. But of course, I have to hold the temptation and choose our main goal, to try their plain Croissant. 

Delicately beautiful is probably the most appropriate word to describe their Croissant. It has a very satisfying crunch. The layers are thin, flaky, and perfect in every bite. The taste combination differs from the other Croissant I have tasted. Overall I was really impressed to the point of taking another croissant from Braud the next day. 


For all lovers of desserts, sweets, and home baking, BAKED. Canggu, Bali, is the place to go. The famous bakery establishment is always jam-packed with hungry guests, whether a large family having lunch, couples hanging out, or just some individuals enjoying their coffee and baked goods alone. 

They intend to integrate the bakery culture into their surroundings despite being perceived as an alien way of life. One of the founders, Gustave, explains how getting freshly made bread in the morning is a highly significant and sentimental ritual that helped define his childhood memories.

The kitchen is set out behind the cashier counter, you can easily see the bakers folding and busy working on the oven. 

To fully enjoy the Croissant, I requested it to be heated up. And here I’m, sitting in front of the hazel-colored and glossy plain Croissant. The exterior shows really impressive layers. The Croissant offers a nice crunch but is buttery and soft on the inside. For its price, this is a really lovely croissant. And what’s more surprising, the flaky bits of the crumbs were really flavorful; it was a bit nutty and yet still buttery – it was really nice that I immediately finished every bit of crumbs.  

Butterman Croissanterie

Butterman Croissanterie, located in Berawa, this little breakfast & brunch restaurant is famously known for its creations of croissants, other pastries, and viennoiseries. Owned by chef Stephane Simond, you will understand why this place is deemed one of Bali’s best croissants. If you arrive during the lunch hour, or even later than that, don’t be disappointed if you have only a few choices left. This place is always packed with crowds.

Glossy with impressive layers, there are reasons why this place is always crowded. And one of which you can see with their croissant creation. Chef Stephane Simond has honed his recipe, creating pastries adjusting to Bali weather to present the flakiest yet still moist and buttery on the inside.

In addition to delicious traditional French bakery items like croissants, quiches, and alumettes, Butterman Croissanterie also serves sandwiches, toasties, and all-day breakfast meals. The Butterman Croissanterie is the perfect place to indulge in some breakfast delicacies because of its traditional white and blue decor.

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