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What Foodies Eat: Mike Lewis

What Foodies Eat: Mike Lewis

Nisya Kunto
30 September 2021


Mike Lewis recently started his own Korean-delivery service, LA Galbi. We caught up with him to take notes of some of his favorite munches in the city.


Hi Mike, first of all, congratulations on the launch of LA Galbi! What is the concept behind LA Galbi and how did you come about it?

LA Galbi is Korean food with an American twist. Made famous by the 3rd culture kids, Asian Americans in Los Angeles. It really is just Korean comfort food that is accessible to an international audience.

For me, the appeal is that I am also a mix that way embracing both my Asian and North American heritages. 

Generally, you pick the best parts and put them on show. That’s what LA GALBI is all about. 

Can you share with us some of your favorite picks from LA Galbi?
SunDuBu, the red tofu and beef soup when mixed with the Galbi (Korean beef short ribs) itself and rice becomes the perfect combination. 
What food and drink do you miss most now that there are dining restrictions in place?
I am a martini lover, classic or Espresso (On the Rocks, Mike Lewis Style). UNION generally does this the best, and I really miss their Union Plaza Senayan bar, and just hanging out there. It’s such a cozy charming place. In terms of food, the atmosphere that you get in a social eatery exemplified by really nice teppanyaki at let’s say a classic place like Nippon-kan or Shima. 

What is the first dish you will eat when you can freely dine out?

That is a very tough question. But right now,  for some strange reason, I am dying to have a really good Pastrami sandwich. If you know of any please hook it up? 

What do you usually order for a night-in at home, or when you have company?

Currently on a pretty strict diet to show off the abs before I turn 40, so my choices are slim. But, the other day we had family over and we ordered CUT THE CRAB and it was amazing. Turning the whole table into a dining surface, covering it all with Crab and sauces, everyone digging in with their hands. Amazing.

Do you have a favorite restaurant — special occasions or fine dining and for more casual dining?

Well Sudestada has been one my favorites in Jakarta and to be honest, we’re going there to celebrate my anniversary with Janisaa! Incredible ambiance, a talented chef who adds the personal touch to everything, and to top it off a very unique Argentinian cuisine not often found in these parts.

For a more casual setting, Mr. Park Korean BBQ. Love me some of that “hole in the wall” goodness. He may be mad at me for starting a Korean food delivery but I will still show him love. 

Where would you go if you had to meet up with old friends for food?

Meeting up with old friends at a place that never disappoints – I would have to say Pantja. Great music, incredible menu and even better cocktails. I am a sucker for a good burger, and they have many. 

If you have visitors from abroad/out of Jakarta, where do you take them to give a genuine taste of Indonesia?

Depending on how down to earth they are, if they are prepared for the true gritty nature of Indonesian food. I would either take them to experience Sederhana, or I would take them to Seribu Rasa or Plataran for the fancy experience. 

What are your favorite local dishes and where do you go to eat them?

If my heart and tummy could take it, I would eat Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup) everyday — and the best place to have it is Hotel Borobudur or The Cafe at Hotel Mulia. Hearty-meaty soup packed with flavor over rice. What more could you want?

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