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Meet Mead, the Historic Alcohol
Buzzing on TikTok

Meet Mead, the Historic Alcohol
Buzzing on TikTok

Danti Tarigan
21 May 2023


The oldest alcohol known to man, Mead, made a comeback among youngsters, finding its newfound popularity on TikTok.


When it comes to TikTok, you can literally find anything from anywhere in a stretch of a scroll. From dances to viral food hacks, Tiktok #foryoupage is equipped with such complex algorithms it can anticipate your niche interests, even ones you weren’t even aware you had until you finally discover them there. And in those scrolls, somehow, I am swirled into #MeadTok, a whole other world of contents where people put honey and fruits into a glass bottle until finally, months later, they give an update when the concoction finally transformed into a particular type of alcohol called Mead. 

Why the sudden popularity?

Mead, apparently, has existed for thousands of years. It used to be known as the drink of Gods and is often associated with Norse mythology and medieval life. Yet, somehow they flew mostly under the radar and never really achieved the level of mainstream popularity as other types of alcohol like beer or wines–despite it being quite similar and much easier to make.

Until recently, the mead aficionados decided to put up a camera and record the fascinating world of mead-making, creating a buzz on TikTok with the hashtag #MeadTok gained more than 4.3 billion views, while one of the main accounts that started the whole thing, @Goldenhivemead, secured a heaping 6.7 M followers. Viewers at home then become fascinated with the process, and thanks to its very simple ingredients and technique, starting to make their own at home with different fruits and flavorings. 

What actually is Mead?

Though it’s also known as ‘honey wine’ and often golden-colored like beer, Mead is a distinct type of alcohol that sits in between the two. Made with only three main ingredients: honey, water, and yeast, Mead are brewed through a fermentation process and can be flavored with different kinds of hops, fruit, spices, or even grains to create a more exciting sip. Because of its main ingredient, which is honey, Mead has its own distinct taste. But depending on the ingredients added, it can come across like a fruit wine or even similar to a hard cider.

How do you make Mead?

As shown by @goldenhivemead on Tiktok here, the making process itself is awfully simple. First, honey, water, yeast, and any flavorings will be mixed in a bottle, then the bottle will sit for the first phase of fermentation (can last up until eight weeks). From there, the mixture will be transferred to a different bottle in order to clear the liquid from any dregs, and it will sit out for the second fermentation phase, which can last up to 9 months, depending on the desired outcomes.

What can you do with Mead?

Just like any other type of alcohol, there are a lot of things you can do with Mead. For one, you can drink it as is and pair it with different types of food. Similar to wine, different types of Mead will complement different notes of dishes. The sweeter ones, like Melomel (Mead with added fruits), can be paired with desserts, while drier ones, like Great Mead (aged Mead), can be paired with different savory dishes. Another way to use it, you can shake and stirred Mead into a cocktail, adding depth and complexity to your favorite tipples. Not only drinks, but Mead can also add unique flavor to your cooking, be it marinades, sauces, or desserts.

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