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Match Your Mood with the Perfect Cup of Tea

Match Your Mood with the Perfect Cup of Tea

Monika Febriana
24 October 2023


Explore a world of teas tailored to your emotions and needs. Whether it's beating anxiety or boosting your immune system, there's tea for every occasion.


What do you usually drink in the morning? Some people opt for coffee to kick-start their day, while others prefer to savor a hot cup of tea. If you were to ask me, I’d undoubtedly choose tea. This beverage never misses its spot on my breakfast table and frequently accompanies me during my morning routine.

Sipping a cup of tea while inhaling its invigorating aroma has become a routine that boosts my spirits in the morning. However, tea isn’t confined to just being a morning elixir; it’s a versatile beverage that can suit various moods and situations.

Did you know that tea offers a range of benefits tailored to your different moods?

Choose Your Tea

Tea for Anxiety

Lavender is renowned for its aromatic qualities, often used in aromatherapy to induce a sense of tranquility. Just the scent of it can bring calmness, and you can experience the same effect by consuming it. Lavender also excels in easing anxiety and depression without causing drowsiness, making it an excellent choice when feeling anxious. HAVELTEA BOTANICALS edition presents a lineup featuring fine single-origin teas with Lavender ingredients to help soothe your anxiety.

Tea for Better Sleep

After a long day of work or activity, what you need most is a peaceful night’s sleep. To enhance the quality of your sleep, you can turn to caffeine-free chamomile tea. The eponymous flower in this tea acts as a natural sedative, soothing your nerves and facilitating a restful slumber. Try steeping a cup of chamomile tea from Havilla Gourmet Tea before bedtime to help you have a restful night’s sleep.

Tea for Boosting Energy

A cup of Black Tea can significantly increase your alertness and strengthen your memory. With a caffeine content similar to coffee, this tea calms without disrupting your sleep and provides the energy your body craves. A cup of ‘Crita Cita’ from Sila Tea House, a blend of black tea, ginger, orange, and rose, is the perfect choice to boost your morning energy.

Tea for Relaxation

It’s no secret that Green tea is the go-to beverage for calming the mind. Green tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine that’s good for the body without causing sleep difficulties. When you’re feeling weary, this caffeine will soothe your mind and add the necessary energy your body craves. Take a moment to unwind and enjoy a cup of Tea Heaven Indonesia’s green tea to relax your mind.

Tea for When You’re Feeling Blue

Are you feeling down due to a recent breakup or some bad news? Reach for a tea blend made from lemongrass and green tea. This concoction can help you alleviate stress and headaches caused by sadness. Lemongrass also serves as a beneficial antidepressant for your well-being. Wipe away your tears and sip on a cup of lemongrass tea from Teh Indonesia To A Tea to make yourself feel better.

Tea for unsettled

In the fast pace of today’s world, managing work, health, money, and family can be overwhelming. When life gets too chaotic, pause, and indulge in a comforting cup of peppermint tea. This herbal infusion is a soothing elixir that naturally eases your nerves, thanks to the menthol it contains, acting like a gentle muscle relaxer. Bonus: caffeine-free makes it a perfect choice for unwinding before bedtime. TEMA Tea‘s peppermint tea can be the perfect choice for those feeling unsettled.

Tea for the Immune System

Ginger isn’t just for cooking; it’s also great when steeped as tea. Its warming effects are beneficial for maintaining your body’s metabolism. A cup of ginger tea mixed with turmeric is a great way to boost your immune system. You can try a cup of ginger tea from Singabera, which is good for boosting your immune system. 

Tea for Focus

Feeling your concentration slip after a study session or work? Reach for a cup of white tea! This tea includes White Peony, Jasmine Silver Needle, Silver Needle, Bai Mu Dan, and more packed with L-theanine, a brain-boosting compound that mimics memory-related neurotransmitters, white tea can help keep your mind sharp. Plus, being the least processed tea variety, it’s the most natural and pure form of this beverage you can enjoy.  If you find yourself losing focus, brew a cup of TWG‘s white tea to help you regain your concentration.

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