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Monkey Shoulder Celebrates Indonesia’s Bartending Talent

Monkey Shoulder Celebrates Indonesia’s Bartending Talent

FoodieS Team
08 September 2023


Scaling its Indonesian edition of the competition and expanding its platform for bartenders, Monkey Shoulder return to host the 2023 Ultimate Bartender Championship.


The Ultimate Bartender Championship is back, and Monkey Shoulder has made it even bigger and better this year. Notably from The Ultimate Bartender Championship in the world, the championship in Indonesia stands as the second largest of its kind in the world, setting the stage for unparalleled excitement and competition.

Scaling its Indonesian edition of the competition and expanding its platform for bartenders to flex their Skills that Pay the Bills, Monkey Shoulder hosted the Ultimate Bartender Championship in Jakarta more than 5 times, adding to the heats held in Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, and Bali.

Calling on participants to forget everything they know about the conventional bartending competition, the Ultimate Bartender Championship has been designed to inspire fun while bartending with scotch through a series of high-energy challenges to put those essential industry skills to the test.

Over the past three weeks, more than 150 of Indonesia’s most skilled mixologists competed to represent their respective cities. Five victorious local winners have emerged and battled in an intense showdown to claim the champion title of Ultimate Bartender Championship 2023.

Among these exceptional talents, the championship title goes to Yogi Ratmaja from Bali. He did not just come back to compete, he came back with an unbeatable drive to win.

“Returning to the UBC stage for the second year in a row is not just a comeback-it’s a mission. After tasting the electric atmosphere and narrowly missing the crown in 2022, I’m back with an insatiable drive to triumph. UBC is not just a competition, it’s the ultimate proving ground, the Olympics of Bartending! Stepping onto this global stage is like wielding a shaker and muddler in the very arena of my dreams. It’s not only about sharpening my mixology skills, it’s about embodying the spirit and aspirations of Indonesia on a platform that celebrates the best in the business. This year, I’m not just here to compete; I’m here to leave a legacy,” mentioned Yogi Ratmaja.

In addition to eternal bragging rights, all winners from each city walked away with a Gshock watch. Meanwhile, the champion won a UBC ring and will fly to South Korea for an international competition in 2024.

A Test of Skills that Pay the Bills

Putting the usual ten minute cocktail-making showcase to the side, the Ultimate Bartender Championship had participants battling it out in five high-energy challenges to prove their competency in all aspects of what it takes to be at the top of their game.

The fun ensued as the competition kicked off with a quick-fire quiz that put industry knowledge to the test. Up next was the Pouring Challenge, which saw competitors accurately dishing out five drinks in the shortest amount of time possible.

The third and arguably the most challenging round was the Nosing Challenge. Using nothing but memory and their sense of smell, the bartenders were tasked to identify five different spirits in three minutes. Additional props were awarded to the sharpest noses that could identify specific brands.

Following that was the Table Service Challenge, where participants had the tall task of serving a table with orders as quickly as possible without committing any blunders.

Finally, in the ultimate test to prove they are #madeformixing, the Perfect Serve Challenge had the bartenders make and serve one Monkey Shoulder cocktails – Monkey Sour – as quickly and as accurately as possible. Participants were judged based on speed, balance, taste, and most importantly: if it leaves a paying customer happy.

The two highest scoring competitors then faced off in the Round Building challenge, which comprised the semi-final and final stages. The finalists raced against the clock to make six drinks in the semi-finals, and 10 drinks in the finals.

Determining the Ultimate Bartender Champion depended on only the highest standards of the judging panel, who were asked if they would pay for the drink based on accuracy of ingredients and method, speed, and of course, taste.

In addition to expanding the competition to more bartenders in Indonesia, the Ultimate Bartender Championship has been held in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and upcoming Singapore.


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