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Guide to: One Fine Day in Bandung

Guide to: One Fine Day in Bandung

Auli Cinantya
10 April 2023


Come with us as we take you on a culinary journey in Bandung, from the hippest coffee shop and restaurants to famous street foods.


Bandung oh Bandung, located just a few hours away from Jakarta, has long been a favorite destination for Jakartans. While the city offers a wealth of sights to see, its culinary scene draws many visitors to this  Paris van Java.

This will be my second trip to Bandung after the pandemic. Even though it’s less than a year apart, Bandung – especially its culinary scene – has proven to keep growing, offering more delectable and fun experiences.

Starting my day in Bandung with a 6 AM train ride, I knew my culinary journey had to begin with a cup of coffee. In this article, I’ll guide you through the city’s culinary offerings, starting with morning coffee and moving on to lunch, snacks, and dinner. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious traveler, there’s something in Bandung’s culinary scene to delight your taste buds.

Bandung Culinary Itinerary

A Sip of Morning Coffee at Two Hands Full Coffee

Two Hands Full Coffee, located on Ir H. Juanda Street, has been around since December 2013 and is familiarly known in Jakarta. They can be considered pioneers in the Indonesian coffee industry. Founder Stefan Setiadi Tanuwidjaja and Co-Founder Niko Matias established Two Hands Full Coffee after being inspired by their trips to Melbourne, Berlin, and Copenhagen.

“Some of the best coffees we had there were vibrant with acidity, fruit-forward, sweet, and very clean. We were determined to bring those flavors back to our hometown. We opened our doors in 2013 as a specialty coffee café, and from day one, we’ve been committed to providing better quality coffee to our neighborhood,” they wrote on their website.

They are known for their commitment to quality, from sourcing the best beans to carefully crafting each cup. Whether you’re a coffee lover or simply looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a delicious drink, Two Hands Full Coffee is worth visiting.

Brace the Lunch Queue at Ayam Goreng Kurnia Bandung

No trip to Bandung would be complete without trying the lively street food scene. One humble yet highly recommended spot is Ayam Goreng Kurnia (or Goreng Ayam Kurnia as written on their storefront banner). Located on Moh Toha Street, this small roadside stall sells traditional fried chicken using Ayam Pejantan that has been marinated overnight. 

It is said that this restaurant has been open since the 1970s and is still famous to this day. Despite its small front door, the place is always packed with a long queue of customers patiently waiting for a table or their freshly fried chicken to take away. In addition to their mouth-watering fried chicken, they also offer various selections such as Fried Chicken Gizzard, Fried Chicken Feet, Tofu, Tempe, and other dishes typically found in traditional fried chicken restaurants.

The chicken at Ayam Goreng Kurnia is tender, aromatic, and full of flavor. It is served with a sweet Sambal that perfectly balances the savory taste of the chicken. The small shop opens at 11 AM and closes at 5 PM, but be warned that they often sell out by 3 PM. So, make sure to come early to avoid disappointment.

Healthy Snack at Sarae Bakes

We all know Bandung is famous for its sweet snacks like its famous Bolen Pisang Bandung. However, after indulging in all that greasy fried chicken, a quick visit for a healthy snack would be preferred. Located in Bojongkoneng, this place is still considered a hidden gem despite its social media fame.

The small bakery shop offers a wide range of freshly baked wheat bread and vegan and gluten-free options. It started in 2020 amid the pandemic and has grown to provide an even more comprehensive selection, including sandwiches, donuts, sourdough, and many more.

If you’re looking for a light snack, you can opt for their Cranberry Walnut Sourdough, made from whole wheat. But if you’re still craving a more filling snack, you can try their sandwich with in-house smoked beef, complemented with fresh hand-picked microgreens that they grow themselves.

All of their bread is made from multigrain wheat and labeled with calorie information, making it a great choice for those on a health-conscious diet. Whether you’re vegan, non-vegan, or gluten-free, this bakery has something for everyone.

Evening Conversation at Gang Nikmat

Cihapit Market is one of the famous traditional markets in the city of Bandung. It is precisely located in Jalan Cihapit, Bandung Wetan District. Established in 1947, the lively area around the Cihapit market is buzzing with new and modern dining places. 

One of the youngster’s favorites is Gang Nikmat, a chilled eatery that offers comfort food inspired by Asian cuisine. Their menu selection is short, with only five to seven options for heavy meals. However, they are known for their specialties, such as crispy chicken skin, smoked eel curry, and their signature dish, the savory Chicken Roll with Salted Egg filling.

Their concept focuses on homemade meals everyone can enjoy, and their dishes are served on a compact terrace. One of their best-sellers is the Chicken Roll with Salted Egg filling, which consists of chicken thigh meat wrapped in a savory sauce and salted egg yolk. The dish is then garnished with celery and pickled cucumber.

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