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Bandung’s Sweetscape: From Classic to Contemporary

Bandung’s Sweetscape: From Classic to Contemporary

Auli Cinantya
30 March 2023


From traditional sweets passed down through generations to contemporary cafes that put a new spin on classic treats, these iconic dessert destinations in Bandung are not to be missed.


Planning a trip to Bandung? Make sure to leave some space in your itinerary to indulge in some of the city’s most delicious and exciting sweet treats.

While Bandung is known for its diverse tourist attractions, it is also renowned for its unique and mouth-watering local cuisine. And what better way to experience the city’s culinary offerings than by sampling its delectable desserts?

If you’re already familiar with classic delicacies such as Roti Unyil and Bolen Pisang that are often bought as a souvenir when you return home, it’s time to truly explore the city’s plethora of traditional and modern cafes where you can indulge in delectable treats while taking in the city’s charming atmosphere. 

This article will guide you to three iconic dessert destinations in Bandung, from longstanding legends serving traditional sweets for generations to modern cafes that put a creative spin on classic desserts. So get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and discover some of Bandung’s sweet treats! 

Bandung's Dessert Destinations

Toko Kue Ny. Oey

Toko Kue Ny. Oey, located at Jalan Oto Iskandardinata No.161, has been in business since 1965. This shop maintains its traditional charm with its iconic teak wood despite its simple facade. The bread and snack shop provide a variety of classic cakes, including sticky rice, srikaya bread, ba bread, and enden buns.

In addition to these delicacies, Toko Kue Ny. Oey also offers several options for traditional pastries, such as Kue Tambang Lintang or Kue Kepang. However, those seeking a more modern souvenir can choose from the Waffle Chip Cake or the familiar macaroni snack.

Toko Sidodadi

Located not far from Toko Ny. Oey, Toko Sidodadi is also legendary in its own right. Established in 1954, this shop offers bread perfect for breakfast due to its dense and heavy texture.

The shop is relatively small and can only accommodate three people if you want to sit briefly there.

Sidodadi offers around 30 varieties of bread in both large and small sizes. For small-sized bread, they offer corn, raisin, cheese corned beef, sausage, smoked beef, cheese chocolate, pineapple, srikaya, and others.

If you plan to visit, coming in the morning or before lunchtime is best. Although their opening hours are listed until 6 PM, they often close as early as 1 PM because the bread is already sold out.

Surabi Cihapit

Although not only found in West Java and the city of Bandung, surabi or serabi cakes are one of the popular snacks people look for when visiting Bandung. This is because many shops sell surabi, from legendary ones to modern ones with modified flavors.

One of the legendary surabi shops is Surabi Cihapit. This tent shop selling surabi is located in the Pasar Cihapit area, precisely at the corner of a sports equipment store’s parking lot.

Started from a simple cart that has been around since 1991, Surabi Cihapit has expanded to several places around Bandung and provides several modern topping options.

If you want to visit the original shop in Cihapit, you must be prepared to come in the morning because they will close during the day and reopen in the afternoon until midnight. Surabi Cihapit offers flavors similar to toppings in martabak, but two of their specialties are oncom and red bean fillings.

The sweet taste of the red bean-filled surabi pairs perfectly with coffee. On the other hand, the oncom filling has a unique and spicy flavor, like a surprise that makes you crave more and not want to stop eating.

Aside from the red bean filling, you can also choose the classic surabi with kinca sauce, made from coconut milk, palm sugar, and cornstarch. Combining the soft and warm surabi with the sweet and creamy sauce makes it the perfect breakfast companion.

Seroja Bake

Seroja Bake is a local bakery with a contemporary approach that aims to utilize local ingredients to the fullest in its creations. Taking inspiration from the flavors of the archipelago, you can find unique snack and cake options you may not find elsewhere. These include Quiche Rendang Singkong, Eclair Gethuk, Kue Wortel Asam Jawa, and many more.

Another interesting aspect is their pastries that use local flour options, such as the Vanilla Danish and Pain au Ceres that use Beras Ciparay, resulting in a unique taste of their own.

Located not far from Pasar Cihapit, Seroja Bake has an architectural concept with rustic features, making anyone who comes to feel a warm and homey atmosphere.

At Seroja Bake, their products are packaged in such a way with various local ingredients to become bakery products with more value. Originating from very Indonesian ingredients like cassava, they strive to elevate local flavors while presenting them in a modern way.

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