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AMI Patisserie Presents A Fresh Perspectives in Pastry Appreciation

AMI Patisserie Presents A Fresh Perspectives in Pastry Appreciation

FoodieS Team
17 January 2024


AMI Patisserie opens first physical concept, lending fresh perspectives into the craft of fine pastries through an ode to Japanese and French traditions.


Tell us, can you ever get enough of pastries? On the grounds of a colonial black and white bungalow at 27 Scotts Road sits AMI Patisserie’s first physical concept, a standalone Kyo Machiya (京町家) styled after a Kyoto-style wooden townhouse.

Launched on 16 January 2024 in an expansion of the brand, this epicurean concept dedicated to an elevated enjoyment of finely crafted pastries is a natural progression for AMI Patisserie, which made its debut in July 2021 as an online shop. It quickly gained a following for its intricate European-style pastry creations that celebrate the distinct, natural flavours of Japanese produce.

The new AMI Patisserie is the culmination of helming Chef Makoto Arami’s life experiences – of breaking the norms with sincere intentions in pursuing excellence for the best possible experiences.

As such, Chef Makoto looks to inspire a shift in perception – to see pastries in new light for its main starring role, not just to end a meal, but in a full experience from start till end; to enjoy them ‘anytime, all the time, and whenever’, as with the Japanese concept of Tsudo (都度). This free spirit and open
outlook allow Chef Makoto to flourish in his craft and creativity, culminating in the new pastry experiences he now presents at AMI Patisserie’s new physical space.

A heartfelt expression of the Chef, the physical concept is a serenely elegant Patisserie Café setting for guests to gather for all occasions, be it a celebration, a simple brunch, or a leisurely afternoon tea; and bond over fine a la carte sweets, savouries and viennoiseries, all finished à la minute and artfully presented. It is also a destination for those seeking a deeper gastronomic affair, where one can journey through the pastry-led Chef’s Table Discovery Experience of sweets and savouries in an exclusive 8-seat Tsudoi (集い) Dining Room.

Beyond offering novel epicurean experiences through east meets west pastry creations, AMI Patisserie welcomes with a sense of familiarity, in the perfect environment for creating meaningful connections.

A World Of Atypicality: Chef Makoto Arami
Layered with significance, the patisserie’s name AMI (亜実) means ‘friends’ in French and plays on Chef’s Anglicised last name ‘Arami’. Incidentally, ‘実’, pronounced as ‘mi’, is a character with multiple meanings of sincerity, and to bloom and bear fruit. This echoes Chef’s first name of Makoto, expressing his genuine desire to deliver from the heart, and constantly innovating to produce the exceptional for the contentment of his customers.

This personal philosophy runs deep and within his family as few have a background as prodigious as Chef Makoto, who has been immersed in the art of crafting pastries from the day he was born.

Hailing from Hikone in Japan’s Shiga Prefecture, he is third generation to a family with a business in wagashi – traditional Japanese confection, that can be traced back to 1935. His father later evolved the family business by combining his passion for the arts and adventurous travels to Europe and the United States in the early days, to serve Yogashi – Western-style sweets, crafted with Japanese ingredients and presented with artistry. This was a bold move that would teach his son to appreciate the beauty in details, as well as the value of an open mindset: to a world of different experiences and influences, and to new approaches and perspectives. His father held the family business close to his heart, serving only what he personally prepares with utmost care and perfection.

The pastry shop was also his place of residence, so young Makoto’s everyday revolved around pastries, from waking up to the smell of fresh bakes to after school treats of freshly piped choux as well as studying and playing in the kitchen while his father baked, and his mother tended to the front of house.

At the young age of four, he was taught by his father to cut, assemble, and pair fruits with cream, ganache, and chocolate for maximum enjoyment; a significant moment for Makoto who learnt how to bring out the best in simple ingredients through exacting standards. This also demonstrated to him, his father’s sincerity of only presenting the best to his customers.

Eventually, Makoto would lend a helping hand in the family business. In addition to immersing in the ‘heart’ of the business, Makoto was given the freedom to use the kitchen to experiment and make with his own creations. Sensing how Makoto, at the age of 15, was deeply enamoured with the craft of pastry-making, his father encouraged him to explore the world to widen his outlook. Leaving his comfort zone and travelling overseas was just the start of a lifetime of learnings, shaping what was to become Makoto’s own unique culinary style.

From training at the prestigious Tsuji Culinary Institute in Tokyo to staging in Lyon, France, and back to Japan to work at Michelin two-starred Biege Alain Ducasse in Ginza, Japan, each experience strengthened his foundation in French pastry-making. But it was as the first Pastry Chef of Michelin two-starred Restaurant Ryuzu that he started to develop an understanding of creating and curating both sweet and savoury items in a balanced, complementary menu. He also gained a reverence for vegetables, which found its way into his pastries, elevated with modern culinary techniques.

Wanting to refine his baking skills, he later trained at the celebrated Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York before joining the opening team for its Tokyo outpost. The fast-paced environment in New York saw speed and uncompromising precision of equal importance, which came as a revelation for him.

This was followed by a move to Kyoto to join Restaurant Lamberie. He gained new inspirations from the city’s omotenashi style of hospitality, where guests are wholeheartedly taken care of. There, he was also intrigued by the kaiseki and kappo style of dining where patrons can enjoy close interaction with the chefs preparing each dish at the counter. This was an exciting prospect that drew him to the role of Executive Pastry Chef of Michelin one-starred Beni in Singapore, where he could meet and serve his pastry creations to guests with the restaurant’s counter-style dining experience.

He later became the Pastry Sous Chef at Marina Bay Sands before finally having a platform in 2021 to showcase his unique style: AMI Patisserie. Starting out as an online business focusing solely on his creations due to the pandemic, it now grows with the addition of a physical concept at Scotts Road.

Breaking The Mould With Unique Perspectives
Shaped by his upbringing and influences from overseas experiences, Chef Makoto steers away from conventions to put his best foot forward. With deep roots in his Japanese heritage, a strong foundation in French techniques, and an exposure to a world of cultures – having passed through kitchens in
France, America, Japan and Singapore, Chef Makoto forms a unique approach to pastries. This is expressed through a distinctly Japanese quality, in the way he elevates his European-style pastries with the natural flavours of Japanese produce; and in AMI Patisserie’s dining experience imbued with unmistakable Japanese influences.

With a sense of openness, he innovates by experimenting with recipes; from the processes to the techniques, as well as the exploration of new ingredients, so there is constant refinement and elevation of classics to pastries that have become signatures of his own.

Today, he carefully sources not only fruits, but also vegetables, in their prime to reflect the various micro-seasons. To these, he applies refined cooking techniques and practices to draw out the natural flavours and to maximise ingredients. For example, inspired by the precision of time needed in dashi
making, he lightly simmers fruits with herbs to lend flavour and achieve the right texture, while trimmings are used for infusions.

He also finely calibrates his recipes to ensure optimal quality. Sugar levels are tweaked according to the natural sweetness of every seasonal fruit. Hokkaido flour with higher gluten content is used to enhance the structure of AMI Patisserie’s well-loved choux pastries, so that they can better hold the
filling and topping. And to ensure that every tart stays crisp even in Singapore’s humid climate, he replaces the usual tart base with layers of filo pastry, each meticulously brushed with honey and butter.

Each pastry that he serves to dine-in guests at AMI Patisserie is finished à la minute, so that every morsel is served fresh. Such attention to detail is all part of a mindfulness rooted in omotenashi, the Japanese way of hospitality. In a similar display, this sense of hospitality is felt in the warm service as
well as the personal interaction between Chef Makoto and guests savouring the Chef’s Table Discovery Menu at the intimate counter of the Tsudoi Dining Room – ‘Tsudoi’ meaning ‘a friendly gathering’ in Japanese.

His unique approach to gastronomy is also articulated in his perception of pastries as delicacies to be enjoyed anytime, all the time and whenever – the Japanese concept of Tsudo. This reflects Chef Makoto’s approach of making pastries and desserts more accessible through a variety of offerings at
the new AMI Patisserie: both sweet and savoury; both as a la carte creations at the Patisserie Café and as an elaborate presentation of the pastry-led Chef’s Table Discovery menu; and as dine-in and takeaway items perfect for private enjoyment and gifting.

In doing so, he invites guests to rethink the role of pastries and desserts as a gastronomic experience to be savoured at any time of day – even as a meal, rather than a snack or a finale – and certainly not an afterthought.

AMI Patisserie

27 Scotts Road, Singapore 228222

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