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Bonjour JBS Brings a Humble Bite of French Pastries

Bonjour JBS Brings a Humble Bite of French Pastries

Vania Ramadina
21 February 2024


Nestled on the roadside of Cipete, Bonjour JBS offers a taste of French pastries from a humble cart.


Jakarta has many fun areas where you can easily pick a spot or two to hang out. South Jakarta probably owns the title of being the most popular of all five regions. From the bustling Senopati to the gleaming Pondok Indah, it’s safe to say that South Jakarta has it all, especially food spots. Like other South Jakarta hip places, Cipete has always been one of the areas where people flock for food. While some people may be familiar with some spots in Cipete, like Toko Kopi Tuku or Sunday Folks, you can always find something new there.

In Indonesia, it’s easy to find food carts in the streets everywhere, not to mention the capital. From finger foods to a whole meal, the diverse selection of foods to sell has its own market. But pastry? It’s the food you munch on in cafés or restaurants, not out of a food cart. Before I knew Bonjour JBS, I had never heard of a “pastry from a food cart” notion.

Now, I am an all-for-pastry type of person. So, I wouldn’t say no to all things pastry. The second I heard something interesting about pastry emerging, I had to give it a try. This time, I returned to Cipete and decided to visit the famous blue cart of “Bonjour JBS.” It was easy to spot Bonjour JBS with its striking bright blue color. Its square-shaped cart-like establishment was right in front of a mosque on the roadside. When I first stepped foot in the area, I thought to myself, ‘I could see why it draws people in.’

Bonjour JBS, familiarly known as Bang Jibs, came up with something unique. The establishment markets its twelve pastries and sells them in a food cart. A food cart is an option Bang Jibs people choose for a simpler and quicker way for customers to get those delicious French treats instead of serving them in a café.

Before heading to work, I was set on trying the pastries from Bonjour JBS. Among the pastries in that cart, I ordered myself a butter croissant and a cheesecake. I had to ask if they were selling coffee that day because I had seen on social media someone had tried their coffee. It turned out that they don’t sell coffee in their Cipete cart. Instead, you can find their coffee at their Kemayoran, Depok, and the newly opened Tanah Kusir carts.

Dani, the salesperson on that Thursday, shared with me about the pastry collections Bonjour JBS sells from a cart. There are butter croissants, Pain Choco, Kouign-amann, croissant sandwiches, cheesecakes, cheese galores, canelés, and bombolones. Furthermore, he shares that there are currently three bombolone variations: dark chocolate, red velvet, and Nutella. There are also three croissant sandwich variations, which are Hotel de Ville (chocolate and almond), Le Meurice (beef chunks in cream cheese), and Place de la Concorde (beef, cheese, homemade mustard).

Intrigued by all the offerings, I wanted to know which was the best seller. He then answered that Pain Choco and Kouign-amann are the best sellers. The hype on social media is pretty hip about these pastries, and oftentimes, they sell out quite fast. “It’s better to come at 7 AM because all the offerings are still available (at that time),” Dani explained.

I started with the butter croissant—a decent-sized one and freshly heated from a microwave. When you buy the pastry from Bonjour JBS, you can take it immediately, but waiting five minutes for the salesperson to heat it is recommended. The croissant is crunchy, flaky, and light but also fluffy on the inside.

Lastly, I tried the cheesecake. Bonjour JBS’ cheesecake differs from the cheesecake you typically enjoy in a bakery. Its cheesecake is round with cheese in the center and a crust. While it looked solid, it was soft, chewy, and flaky, making it perfect for a quick breakfast. The cheesecake is also ideal to complete with coffee.

Getting a French pastry or two from Bonjour JBS’ cart is, needless to say, a creative way to have it every day, especially for the ones who prefer a quick and sweet breakfast. With its affordable prices and various choices, you don’t want to miss out on Bonjour JBS’ pastries. You just have to spot a bright blue cart in some areas in Jakarta and Depok, and the next thing you know, you have a full tummy, and it might just become your favorite.

Bonjour JBS Cipete

Jl. H. Junaedi No. 8B, Cipete Selatan, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan


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