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% Arabica Opens Asia’s First and Largest Drive Thru Store

% Arabica Opens Asia’s First and Largest Drive Thru Store

FoodieS Team
08 December 2023


% Arabica Jakarta PIK Drive Thru opens at the heart of Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta


The buzz around Pantai Indah Kapuk reached a new high as % Arabica proudly unveiled its latest gem at PIK Icon. As a coffee enthusiast, the news of the first-ever % Arabica drive-thru in Asia and the largest in Indonesia yet was exhilarating. What adds an extra layer of intrigue for someone like me, is the introduction of a decaffeinated variant!

% Arabica is excited to unveil its first ever and largest Drive Thru store in Asia, strategically located in the dynamic Pantai Indah Kapuk district of North Jakarta. Building on its strong presence in Indonesia’s vibrant coffee culture, % Arabica has achieved notable success with six stores and a flagship roastery in Senopati, Jakarta. Now, the brand is set to extend its footprint to the bustling Pantai Indah Kapuk area, known for its diverse culinary offerings. This expansion follows the recent inauguration of a Uluwatu, Bali store in August 2023. % Arabica Jakarta PIK Drive Thru marks the seventh store in Indonesia and global store no. 171.

Nestled strategically in the vibrant heart of Pantai Indah Kapuk at the PIK Icon roundabout, this coffee sanctuary is poised to stand out amidst its surroundings, boasting an innovative drive-thru concept for seamless and effortless ordering. % Arabica’s objective to “See the World through Coffee” brings the brand to coffee enthusiasts in North Jakarta, giving its patrons some of the best coffees from around the world. In our commitment to making % Arabica coffee accessible to everyone, including those with caffeine sensitivity, we proudly present a decaffeinated variant. Opting for decaffeinated coffee provides a straightforward choice, as it eliminates approximately 97% or more of the caffeine content in coffee beans.

“The opening of the seventh % Arabica store in Indonesia reflects our commitment to provide the ultimate experience for enjoying our curated coffee selection. We take pride in being selected as the inaugural location in Asia to introduce % Arabica Drive Thru experience. This store is a boon for every coffee enthusiast who seeks to savor the excellence of % Arabica’s specialty coffees without the need to step out of their car,” said Astrid Kusumadewi, General Manager of % Arabica Indonesia.

The design of % Arabica Jakarta PIK Drive Thru is the work of the esteemed Japanese interior and architectural design team, Nomura no.10. Recognized for its mastery in crafting and overseeing architectural spaces, Nomura no.10 has been a prominent player since its establishment in January 2020, serving as the spatial design consultancy for Nomura Co., Ltd., a leading creator in the industry. Before designing % Arabica Jakarta PIK Drive Thru, the studio played a pivotal role in the design of % Arabica Kuwait Adailiya Drive Thru and % Arabica Bali Kuta Beachwalk.

For % Arabica Jakarta PIK Drive Thru, the renowned designer Shohei Suzuki from Nomura no.10 has carefully crafted a design marked by its sleek and clean aesthetic, predominantly adorned with a white color palette. The 398 square meter establishment offers indoor and outdoor seating areas, inviting customers to enjoy % Arabica’s specialty coffee amid a revitalizing breeze. The indoor seating accommodates up to 50 individuals, while the outdoor space is tailored for 56 patrons. “The store is constructed so that twodifferent buildings mesh together, with one building having a sense of openness and a clear line of sight, and the other building having a closed structure with a sense of privacy.

By organizing the roles of each building, we give the shop space a sense of freedom and a clear line of sight. By creating a radial layout centered around the central point of the architecture, guests and baristas alike can direct their eyes toward the lush, green landscape with a 360-degree panoramic view, creating a sense of comfort,” explained Shohei Suzuki.

The opening of % Arabica’s latest store in Indonesia aligns with the brand’s unyielding dedication to coffee. Kenneth Shoji, the founder of % Arabica, tirelessly works towards maintaining the brand’s commitment to delivering the finest coffee experience. Aside from opening new stores, he embarks on a global journey in pursuit of the perfect coffee beans each year, ensuring that % Arabica sources the finest beans worldwide. This process involves diligent procedures in both acquisition and roasting, underscoring the brand’s dedication to quality at every step.

% Arabica Jakarta PIK Drive Thru

Golf Island, PIK Icon Pantai Maju Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Jakarta

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