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What Foodies Eat: Lucky Suherman

What Foodies Eat: Lucky Suherman

Nisya Kunto
11 August 2021


Lucky Suherman, the chef/owner of Brookland Coffee, shares with us the food that has been his sustenance during the stay at home period.


An avid cyclist and enjoyer of various cuisines, Lucky ventures the city in search of deliciousness. His favorite cuisine list features Indonesian, Japanese, and Turkish cuisine, but Lucky never turns down an invitation to an intriguing plate. At Brookland, Lucky champions fresh produce crafted authentically, and that’s also what he looks out for in a dish. 


Topping his list is Bakmi Ayam Paha Kulit from Bakmi Asui (Aming). Located at Tanjung Duren, Bakmi Asui (Aming) has long been a crowd-favorite choice when it comes to bakmi in Jakarta. And we can see why, it really is hard to say no to a bowl of flavorful noodles topped with a portion of juicy chicken!

Pempek 161 Radio Dalam also makes the cut into Lucky’s list. His repertoire of pempek includes the classic Kapal Selam, the crunchy pempek kulit, and the otak-otak for a lighter bite.

For a fulfilling Indonesian meal, Lucky turns to a trusted Indonesian-meal-in-a-bowl dealer, Raja Rawit. Lucky’s favorite Nasi Cumi Cabe Ijo Bandung is a dish featured as a collaboration with Raja Rawit, it is a simple dish full of flavor. And the burst of flavors from the bowl is never complete without a humble glass of Teh Bandulan.

For refreshers, Ban Ban is always a GoFood order away. From the favorite boba joint, Lucky’s regular choice is Kiwi Chizzu from Ban Ban Tea, accompanied by an indulgent portion of Boba Pan.

Lucky also includes Berliner Imbiss in his list. The street side food stall has been a go-to grub in the Pati Unus area since the 90s. Nowadays, their Jumbo Hotdog Fries and Strawberry Yoghurt makes a convenient meal option that Lucky has ordered time and time again.

To complete his list, Lucky included one of the fan-favorite Chinatown delicacies: Kwetiau Bakso Daging Campur from Bakso Akiaw Mangga Besar. The generous bakso portion comes with a rich, steaming beef broth. Aside from the usual daging topping, Bakso Akiaw also offers sengkel, urat, or babat. 

Whether you’re still staying in or are all ready to venture out to look for grub around the city, Lucky’s list is surely a delicious one! Let us know whose list you’d like us to feature on the upcoming What FoodieS Eat!

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