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What Foodies Eat: Ayip Dzuhri

What Foodies Eat: Ayip Dzuhri

Auli Cinantya
18 November 2022


Mixologist Ayip Dzuhri shares his favorite dining places, food recommendations, and his simple go-to drink to make at home.


Ayip Dzuhri’s diverse skills in cocktail crafting earned him the title of Indonesia’s Bartender of the Year at the prestigious 2015 Diageo World Class semi-finals and bar show in Bangkok. The brilliant mixologist magician is currently advancing his career at Tavern Group Semarang.

Born in 1991, Ayip is known for his creative concoction using local ingredients, such as spices and fruit, presenting unique drinks with strong Nusantara flavors. Ayip has led several well-known bars with various awards, one of which is Asia’s Best Bars in 2021 and 2022 for Wishbone Bar.

Hi! Please tell us a little about yourself and your daily activities.
Hello everyone! My name is Ayip Dzuhri, and I am currently mixing ice and fire at The Tavern Group Semarang. I’m responsible for all the beverage products in every outlet. I had the chance to learn and hone my skill in Bali, and now I’m trying to elevate the drinking culture in Central Java.

How would you describe your food preferences? 
Comfort food is my first choice. But I love exploring flavors to strengthen my palate and get inspiration from food.

What things usually attract you to visit a place to eat (bar/restaurant/warung/etc.)?
If it is long-established and always packed. It usually guarantees to leave with a happy tummy in those kinds of establishments. 

What’s your favorite classic drink? 
Old fashion, Negroni Or Rosita, a timeless classic and effortless to make. Nowadays, my favorite is the one from Bowery, as they use a Navy Strength Gin, which results in a very bold character to start your night right.

Which restaurants have you visited recently and managed to impress you? 
New Ubin Seafood Chijmes in Singapore. Super fresh seafood, and the chili crab is super mouthwatering. All the dish gives an authentic taste, with no gimmicks, and are served using humble seasoning.

Do you have a regular place where you always hang out with friends or for a special occasion with your family?
Tyler’s Smokehouse. The very first smokehouse in Semarang serves great food, especially among the other smokehouses. They also have a wide arrange of craft beer. A communal style of beer house that you can immensely enjoy and chill.

Is there a food you’d like to try but haven’t?
Abalone and dry-aged T Bone at Peter Luger Steakhouse in New York. Always see the sizzling steak on Instagram, and super mouthwatering.

Which drink concoction is the most unique? Where did you try it?
The taste of Petrichor from The Tasting Room Taipei is precisely the same as the petrichor aroma after the rain. Earthy, bittersweet, and complex.

What’s your favorite local dish, and where do you go to eat it?
Nasi Gandul Pak Memet! A Gulai kind of food with traditional seasoning initially from Pati. It’s warm, rich, and perfect for hangover food. But since it’s very famous, it is always sold out before midnight.

Are there foods you can eat every day without getting bored?
A simple omelet with fried shallot, sweet soy sauce, and tahu sumedang. I can’t get enough of it.

After a busy day, what drink do you choose for a relaxing time? And why did you choose that drink?
Vermouth Tonic, beer, or some Moscow mule. A fizzy, comfortable drink to close the busy day. If it is for a midnight cap, I choose Negroni.

What are your signature cocktails? 
I have many signature drinks, but most recently is the Naples Negroni. It combines Parmesan Gin, Clarified Tomato, Basil Water, Vermouth, and Amaro. I garnished it with a cheddar tuile to give extra texture and an umami bomb. Margherita Pizza inspires it.

Do you have any favorite local spirits? 
Arrack Bali. Since it represents the great culture and history of Bali, also traditionally distilled still by local farmers from villages in Bali. One you must try is Holy Tirtha, made by De Bean. Such a whimsical staple.

What is your go-to recipe for a quick and easy drink at home? 
Vermouth and Tonic. I prefer Bianco vermouth or Rosso. Pour 30 ml and top up with Tonic water. An easy retreat at home.

What drink would you recommend if people want to go to the WishBone Bar? 
Anything that came from our #1920 Menu. Our Barmen will gladly welcome you and take you on a menu tour. Our menu is full of history about the roaring twenties, explaining the migrations of the American bartender that significantly impact drinking culture around the globe. Psst, You can find me there as well, fixing a drink.

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