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What Chef Eats: Richie Pratadaja

What Chef Eats: Richie Pratadaja

Auli Cinantya
10 February 2023


Richie Pratadaja, a chocolatier and the talented chef behind Crio, shares his favorite dining places.


Richie Pratadaja is a Chocolatier and the talented man behind the delightful chocolate creations from Crio. After honing his skills for 11 years in the United States, including working as a baker at the famous Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and then later as sous chocolatier at FIKA NYC, the Jakarta-born chef came back to his homeland and opened CRIO to showcase his imposing chocolate creations.

What do you like the most about being a chocolatier? 
What I like the most about being a chocolatier is putting out my creativity without limitations and working as a team. 

What inspired you to start working with chocolate? 
Chocolate is a versatile ingredient because you can work with it in a solid or fluid form. In its liquid form, you can make sauce or mousse. But in its solid form, you can sculpt or carve it. Many people prefer to avoid working with chocolate because it’s very temperamental with temperature and humidity levels.

Where are your top three dining places always on your favorite list? 
Blue Hill (NY), Wayan (NY), Crio (Jkt)

What is the most unforgettable food experience you have ever had?
Blue Hill at Stone Barns. One of the most amazing whole dining experiences.

What usually attracts you to visit a place to eat? 
What attracts me is when I want to try something new or different. It could also be because the chef or the people I know runs the place.

What is your favorite type of food/cuisine? 
Indonesian, Spanish, Japanese, I like them all, honestly. They all have different flavor profiles. 

Do you have any go-to venues for hanging out with friends or special occasions with family? 
Roemah Noni

Is there any food you can eat every day without ever getting bored?
Yes, definitely Nooodles. I love Noodles. Bakmi Camat di mangga besar is my go-to place 

What are your favorite local dishes, and where do you go to eat them? 
Soto is one of my favorite local dishes. Soto Bang Mamat is one of my favorite places to get Soto or the small kiosk in the Raden Saleh area. 

Did you develop new recipes or discover a new type of food you have enjoyed recently? 

At Crio, we constantly create new products that challenge our creativity. Our recent exciting product is Rambutan bonbons made with fresh rambutan water, freshly sliced rambutan, and rambutan seed.

Is there any new plan or projects that we could look forward to? 
Yes, more to come and expect from Crio. Thank you

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