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Two Michelin-Stared Tate Dining Room by Cheffe Vicky Lau Presents Collaborative “Ode to Tea” Pairing Lunch

Two Michelin-Stared Tate Dining Room by Cheffe Vicky Lau Presents Collaborative “Ode to Tea” Pairing Lunch

FoodieS Team
08 July 2024



Available for lunch every Friday and Saturday from 28th June to 27th July, alongside an exclusive pu-erh tea workshop scheduled for 26th July, these events celebrate the harmonious blend of culinary excellence and tea craftsmanship. Designed to enhance tea appreciation, guests can indulge in a juxtaposition of two MICHELIN-starred gastronomic dish creations with rare and exceptional teas, promising a sensory journey that tantalizes taste buds.

TATE x Being & Tea (Glassbelly Tea Lab) 4-Course Lunch Experience

Priced at HK$1,180+10% per guest, with an optional HK$400 tea pairing add-on, the new special tea pairing lunch experience features four courses by Cheffe Vicky Lau expertly paired with specially chosen teas by Being & Tea’s founder, Wing Yeung.

The TATE x Being & Tea (Glassbelly Tea Lab) menu begins with an exquisite seasonal Petit Salé and an Amuse Bouche of Cold Noodle artfully paired with Sour Lobster Consommé, perfectly complemented by the bold notes of Shi Zi Feng Bai Ji Guan Tea. Next is the Turnip Blancmange paired with Sweet Shrimp and Seaweed Sauce, accentuated by the delicate aromas of Yunnan Green Tea. Further elevating the menu is the optional additional course of Yunnan Mushroom(+HK$280) featuring a rich Comté Cheese Custard, best savored alongside Xi Niu Yang Raw Pu-erh, a tea of unparalleled complexity and depth.

The following course is the Scallop bathed in Kumquat Lemongrass Sauce, a vibrant duet perfectly enhanced by Liu Xiang Jian Shui Xian Tea from Being & Tea’s finest collection. The menu reaches its peak with the Roasted Duck adorned with Five-Spice Hibiscus Strawberry and Plum Compote, accompanied by Duck Wonton, designed to be experienced with Wu Yuan Jian Rou Gui Tea, offering a sensory revelation.

The elegant gastronomic journey concludes with a dessert of Poached Meringue topped with Aged Pu’erh Da Hong Pao Gelato and Caviar, followed by a final sweet array of Mignardises.

TATE x Being & Tea (Glassbelly Tea Lab) Workshop on 26th July

For tea enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of premium aged pu-erh tea, a special workshop will be held on 26th July, led by Being & Tea. This unique experience is priced at HK$2,880 per person, limited to 8 participants, and will offer insights into the tea flavor wheel, fermented vs raw pu-erh tastings, and a blind tasting of vintage pu-erh varieties, including an exceedingly rare old pu-erh valued at HK$480,000 per brick.

About Being & Tea (Glassbelly Tea Lab) & Founder Wing Yeung

Being & Tea embodies a dedication to the art of tea, blending tradition with scientific inquiry to elevate the tea experience. Rooted in a quest for perfection, their ethos revolves around unraveling the essence of a truly exceptional cup of tea. Through experimentation and continuous refinement, Being & Tea has fine-tuned every aspect of tea preparation, from sourcing and brewing methods to selecting tea sets. Their commitment lies in harmonizing modern scientific advancements with time-honored practices to craft premium teas that delight palates and nurture friendships.

Founder Wing Yeung brings a wealth of expertise, gleaned from over a decade of tenure at esteemed establishments such as The Edrington Hong Kong and Berry Bros. & Rudd. Exposure to distinguished single malt whiskeys and fine Burgundy wines has honed Wing’s discerning taste buds and fueled her relentless pursuit of flavor perfection. Leveraging her refined palate and innovative pairings, she offers patrons the city’s premier tea pairing experience.

TATE Dining Room

210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Central, Hong Kong

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