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Petty Pandean-Elliott Set to Release The Indonesian Table Cookbook, Published by Phaidon

Petty Pandean-Elliott Set to Release The Indonesian Table Cookbook, Published by Phaidon

FoodieS Team
07 February 2023


Petty Pandean-Elliott tells the story of her Indonesian heritage through 150 much-loved and delicious recipes perfect for home cooks everywhere.


Chef and writer Petty Pandean-Elliott has created a comprehensive and personal book that presents 150 accessible recipes interspersed with recollections of her culinary journeys throughout Indonesia. In The Indonesian Table, Pandean-Elliott delves into the food traditions of eight key regions in Indonesia: Sulawesi, Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku Islands, Sumatra, Papua, and Kalimantan. 

From these regions come delectable dishes such as fragrant coconut curries, tasty laksas, and fortifying Sotos, as well as salads like Gado Gado and various types of Sambal. Additionally, the book features traditional desserts like Bubur Sumsum, a coconut pudding with palm sugar syrup, and drinks like jamu, healthy herbal tonics. 

Starting with her childhood memories in remote Manado, she has dedicated several years to developing and adapting recipes for home cooks using easily sourced ingredients and uncomplicated cooking methods while maintaining the integrity of the region’s flavors. 

While there are other cookbooks of Indonesian staples, The Indonesian Table offers an authentic contemporary approach suited for modern Western kitchens, narrated from the perspective of a native insider who has lived both within and outside Asia. A culmination of Petty Elliott’s lifelong commitment to making her national cuisine more accessible, this personal, diverse collection of authentic recipes takes into account the growing interest in vegan and vegetarian cooking, with many dishes employing fresh produce and tempe.

In The Indonesian Table, Pandean-Elliott provides thoughtful background on local culture and other influences on the cuisine, including the physical landscape, religion, trading, and migration.

Organized by traditional ingredients and dishes with introductive texts, the dishes in The Indonesian Table appear alongside stunning food images. All images are by photographer Yuki Sugiura, who traveled with the author throughout the country. The book and pictures reflect the history, heritage, colors, texture, taste, aroma, and a wide variety of ingredients of Indonesian food.

The cover design uses a radiant palette that echoes Javanese batik’s traditional colors and the book’s dishes.

Indonesian food and recipes offer far more than the well-known satay, rendang, and nasi goreng that are familiar to western audiences; indeed, the unique combination of Arabic, Indian, European, and Chinese influences with native ingredients has created a genuinely original culinary tapestry that has been the foundation of Indonesian food culture for centuries. Consequently, there is much to be learned and explored.

With this book, readers will be able to discover the culinary delights of Indonesia through this comprehensive volume and experience the tastes of Indonesia from the comfort of their homes.

Petty Pandean-Elliott is an award-winning Indonesian chef, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and bestselling cookbook author. She has been recognized internationally for her work, including as a judge for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and the World’s 50 Best Restaurants (2016 and 2017) and as a guest judge on Indonesian Iron Chef (2017). 

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to feature and work with Chef Petty through the years. Chef Petty’s expertise and passion for traditional Indonesian cooking are truly remarkable. The Indonesian Table cookbook is set to become an essential guide for anyone looking to explore the rich flavors of Indonesian cuisine. We are excited about the release of The Indonesian Table cookbook, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

The Indonesian Table by Petty Pandean-Elliott is published by Phaidon Photography by Yuki Sugiura. The Indonesian Table is set to release on 12 April 2023, you can pre-order here.

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