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Drifting Away To Suasanakopi

Drifting Away To Suasanakopi

Auli Cinantya
01 March 2022


Suasanakopi is not a new face in the coffee shop business in Jakarta. Speaking true to their name, "Suasana "(which means atmosphere in Indonesian) aims to build a pleasing ambience whenever you are.


Speaking true to their name, “Suasana” (which means atmosphere in Indonesian) aims to build a pleasing ambience whenever you are. Launched in October 2017, Suasanakopi first emerged with the concept of Grab & Go. Emphasising the meaning of the word “Suasana”, they believe that the coffee they serve can be enjoyed according to the customer’s mood to bring positive energy through a cup of coffee that they can enjoy wherever they are.

“We are optimistic that the coffee we make can be enjoyed anywhere. For example, when you get stuck in traffic or busy at the office, and now with all the delivery platforms available, you can enjoy our coffee wherever and whenever you want,” said Suasanakopi founder Pandji Maulana.

Their first-ever location is located in Kemang. They were taking inspiration from a coffee shop in Japan, where the average customer does not sit for a long time in the coffee shop. They came only to order, some of them enjoyed their coffee for a while, after that they returned to their activities.

Guest can enjoy the minimalistic chair set up inside or grab a chair outside and sit wherever they want. With a window view directly looking at the baristas, Suasanakopi aims to narrow the gap between their baristas and the guest.

As quoted from Filosofi Kopi the movie, “They (referring to the barista) not only mixes, tastes but also contemplates the coffee he makes.”

The relationship between the barista and the diners is slightly different in Suasanakopi. Baristas are more proactive in welcoming guests who comes, creating small talks and will help you find the perfect choice of drinks that will suit your preference. “We want to carry the concept of no gap between the barista and the customer,” explained Pandji.

Firman Aldianto as the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Suasanakopi, explained, “We wanted to do something different. When the others expose more of their products, we choose to highlight our barista. In my opinion, the barista is one of the reasons why people want to go to a certain coffee shop. We see a lot of potential in working with our baristas.”

After the success of their first store, Suasanakopi branched out and opened their first flagship store located in Gandaria. The flagship store is different in terms of size and concept. Still taking inspiration from coffee shops in Japan, Suasanakopi combines three other concept coffee shops from Japan, Berlin, and Thailand.

Aside from the design and concept, what makes the flagship store interesting is the menu that it serves. With the existence of a hot kitchen, Suasanakopi serves up some nostalgic comfort food that will delight your tastebuds. With the help of Kriskha, the menus they serve will seem familiar, yet there are some fusions of comfort food from all around the world. Like the Kukuruyuk sandwich, fluffy toast that you often find in street hawker food combined with coleslaw and Karaage, or their famous Nasi Kampung, a bowl of rice served with Serundeng, golden crispy omelette, garlic chilli sauce, and fried cabbage.

Meanwhile, their most favourite and signature coffee are still the same, “Aroma Dia”, a latte mix with palm sugar and cinnamon that comes with two options; strong and creamy. Creamy comes with a shot of espresso, while the strong with two espresso shots.

“We use Aceh Gayo for our beans, and we know that the beans from our region are one of the best. And that’s the thing; we think that Aceh Gayo needs more exposure, and we are doing that by serving the best quality of coffee while still keeping up with the trend,” explained Firman.

To keep up with the ever-changing trend and set a new trend of their one, Suasanakopi introduced its canned soda line with unique names and recipes. Sprkln’ Berry drinks come with the concept of coffee mocktails that provide freshness and convenience to the connoisseur in consuming coffee. The combination of strawberry and soda syrup and espresso from Aceh Gayo coffee beans gives a refreshing impression to the audience.

Meanwhile, their Mo Bobo soda is the anti-thesis concept of caffeinated drinks. With a blend of Lavender and Nutmeg, Mo Bobo aim to help people relax and make it easier for someone to have a quality sleep – hence the name.

From the details of their design products, through creating an ambience that caters to their guest, Suasanakopi has piqued many interests and is set to be one of the places to hang out or enjoy a nice warm meal in South Jakarta. 


Kemang Utara no 14, Jakarta Selatan 

Gandaria Tengah 2 no 22, Jakarta Selatan


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