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Reels in the Flavor: Must-Try Seafood Recipes from TikTok

Reels in the Flavor: Must-Try Seafood Recipes from TikTok

Monika Febriana
27 May 2023


Looking for a simple yet fun recipe? Check out these easy peasy Seafood Recipes that is all over TikTok!


In 2023, who isn’t on TikTok? This app has rapidly become one of the most popular video-based social media platforms in recent years, offering not only entertainment but also inspiration and valuable information. As a writer, I’ve found endless inspiration from this platform, and scrolling through these videos is always a fun experience (by the way, have you followed our TikTok account?).

When it comes to the culinary field, TikTok videos are a treasure trove of helpful hacks and unique recipes that you can easily try out in the comfort of your own home. One particular TikTok video that caught my attention featured a mouthwatering salmon bowl, showcasing an easy method for cooking fish.

After stumbling upon that video, my curiosity was sparked, leading me on a delightful journey to uncover other simple hacks and trendy seafood recipes on TikTok. I’ve curated a list of the most useful hacks for you to explore. 

Seafood Recipe You Need To Try


Cioppino is an Italian-American cuisine made from fish stew. Aside from fish, you can also use clams and shrimp. In this dish, the red sauce is a combination of tomatoes and tomato sauce cooked with various spices. Potatoes and fennel are also good additions to this soup. Various seafood can be added after everything has been mixed. It will be even more delicious if you eat it with bread.

Crispy Rice Paper Salmon

Elevate your snacking experience with this delectable crispy rice paper salmon recipe. As rice paper has a crispy texture, it is a perfect combination with soft and creamy salmon. Take advantage of your creativity and cut rice paper into shapes, such as flowers, to make whatever shapes you desire. When you put creamy salmon on the fried rice paper, you can taste it all at once.

Crispy Rice Salmon

You can eat rice in another way at home instead of eating it with salmon as a side dish. It’s time to fry! Store cooked and cooled rice in the refrigerator, once they have cool down and set, you can start frying them. While waiting, you can prepare the chopped salmon topping with mayonnaise. After the rice is fried, spread the chopped salmon on top and voila, your snack is ready.  

Crispy Shrimp Taco

Are you a taco lover? You can create your own homemade shrimp tacos using these simple ingredients! The following ingredients should be prepared: tortillas, salad, pico de gallo, and shrimp. To achieve a healthier result, you can use an air fryer to cook the shrimp. After all the ingredients are ready, place them on the tortilla and pour mayonnaise or mustard on top. Your tacos are ready to eat.

Fish and Chips

There’s a good chance you’ve eaten this dish before. Fish and chips is a classic British cuisine consisting of fish and chips. You don’t need to buy it from a restaurant; making it yourself is not that difficult. Try Gordon Ramsey’s Fish and Chips recipe, and you can feel the taste of food like the one made by this Masterchef jury.

Garlic Butter Cajun Seafood Boil

When it comes to a winning combination, seafood and spices are a match made in culinary heaven. Indulge in a mouthwatering medley of crabs, scallops, and shrimp, expertly cooked with a delightful blend of vegetables in a Cajun garlic butter sauce. This savory and spicy dish is perfect for family gatherings and events, as it can be served in generous portions, ensuring everyone gets their fill.

Salmon Bowl

For those of you who are in a quandary when it comes to selecting a breakfast menu, why not give the salmon bowl recipe a try? This dish is not only easy but also perfect for a quick morning preparation. Simply season and bake the cut salmon in the oven, then serve it alongside a delightful medley of vegetables and rice. Packed with essential nutrients, the salmon bowl provides a fulfilling and nourishing start to your day.

Sushi Bake

Take sushi to a whole new level! Nowadays, there are numerous types of sushi, such as maki sushi, nigiri sushi, gunkan, and more. One popular trend on TikTok is sushi bake, where you can bake sushi rice, top it with crab meat, and generously spread mayonnaise. Enhance the flavors by garnishing with shredded seaweed or furikake.

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