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Chef Ryan Thejasukmana Savors the Essence of French Cuisine at Lulu Bistrot

Chef Ryan Thejasukmana Savors the Essence of French Cuisine at Lulu Bistrot

Auli Cinantya
13 July 2023


The newly opened Lulu Bistrot showcases Chef Ryan's latest venture, offering classic French cuisine in the lively Canggu neighborhoods.


As dusk settles and the busy streets of Canggu come alive, the warm glow of Lulu Bistrot casts an enchanting spell. The newly opened French restaurant exudes an irresistible blend of classic Parisian charm and contemporary allure. The restaurant’s ambiance is a testament to its commitment to creating a relaxed yet lively atmosphere.

Chef Ryan Thejasukmana, a culinary force hailing from Lombok, is the man that leads the smooth-sailing kitchen of Lulu Bistrot. “I’m pretty confident in my cooking,” said Chef Ryan followed with a chuckle. Having honed his skills at renowned establishments like Bridegroom & Bennelong Restaurant in Sydney, Australia, under the tutelage of acclaimed chef Peter Gilmore, his culinary expertise later led him to become the Culinary Leader of Bartolo and Lulu Bistrot. 

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant restaurant of Paris, Lulu Bistrot strikes the perfect balance between classic charm and contemporary flair, creating a relaxed yet energetic atmosphere. This humble yet refined establishment delights guests with sophisticated, heartwarming rustic French dishes that are skillfully crafted with love.

“I always go back to the roots, so I try to explore beyond just the simple dishes. Yes, simplicity exists, but I also try to bring in regional flavors,” said Chef Ryan. 

Chef Ryan’s culinary philosophy revolves around celebrating the roots of French cuisine while embracing regional flavors and influences, this can be easily seen when you look at the menu. Lulu Bistrot aims to ignite a passion for authentic flavors and culinary traditions by introducing classic French dishes to a market with limited options. 

Lulu Bistrot’s concept takes inspiration from the timeless traditions of a traditional French Bistro while infusing it with a distinctive touch of immigrant-inspired cuisine. Chef Ryan describes it as an exploration of the “very, very classic” dishes from Southern France, influenced by Mediterranean and local flavors. 

He elaborates, “Some of our French food draws inspiration from the Caribbean part of France, incorporating a diverse range of culinary offerings. That’s the essence of what we play with at Lulu Bistrot.”

As the evening unfolds at Lulu Bistrot, the opening act of our dinner begins with the delightful Tartelette De Cervelle De Canut. With each bite, the tangy, creamy, and herbaceous notes dance upon the palate, setting the stage for a perfect start to an extraordinary dining experience.

Tarte Tatin D’oignons and La Trouchia Omelette Au Fromage are just a few examples of the menu highlights at Lulu Bistrot. “La Trouchia is an authentic Niçoise omelet from the Southern region of France. However, I decided to prepare it in the style of a Basque omelet from Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain.”

The La Trouchia Omelette Au Fromage presents a captivating aroma that immediately grabs your attention. Made with Swiss chard, onion, and parmesan cheese, this traditional French Riviera dish offers a complex blend of flavors. The Swiss chard adds a slightly bitter, earthy flavor, the onion adds a sweetness and a touch of acidity, and the parmesan cheese adds a salty, nutty flavor. 

“It’s interesting because Southern French cuisine is geographically close to the Basque country and shares some similarities. I drew inspiration from the cooking ideas there, but we infused it with a distinct Southern French touch. The omelet features Swiss chard, basil, parsley, and other flavors reminiscent of our region.” Adds Chef Ryan, reflecting on the culinary influences. 

Moving on to the Tarte Tatin D’oignons, Chef Ryan explains its simplicity, saying, “The Onion Tart is a classic and straightforward dish. We also incorporate classic sauces into our menu, such as américaine and bordelaise, adding depth and richness to our dishes.”

This classic French dish offers a complex blend of sweet, savory, and umami flavors. The caramelized onions are the show’s star, and they have a deep, rich flavor perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the cream.

“During my school days, I dabbled in French cuisine, albeit at a basic level. However, as time went on, I delved deeper into its intricacies, and now we’re bringing it all to the table,” he adds, voice filled with confidence. Chef Ryan’s experimentation with French cuisine at Lulu Bistrot is a testament to his commitment to culinary excellence.

One standout dish that reflects Chef Ryan’s expertise is the ever-changing Poisson Du Jour or fish of the day. Drawing from his close collaboration with local fishermen, a practice he began while managing Empak Locale, Chef Ryan emphasizes the allure of this particular menu highlight. 

The Poisson Du Jour was definitely one of the highlights of the night. This delightful dish features a crispy skin that envelops tender and moist fish, delivering a satisfying contrast in textures. The subtle saltiness of the skin enhances the overall flavor, while the accompanying herbed butter sauce, infused with olive oil, adds a touch of luxury. Each bite unveils a harmonious interplay of tangy and savory flavors from the tomatoes, perfectly complementing the fish. This culinary creation showcases a balanced fusion of sour and salty elements, resulting in a genuinely satisfying bite. 

“We change the fish selection daily, depending on what the ocean provides. It enables me to be playful and creative in my approach,” he explains. It is clear that at Lulu Bistrot, Chef Ryan, and his team’s passion, creativity, and dedication shine through in every plate served. 

To bring the evening to a satisfying close, the Figues Poachees Au Chocolate takes center stage, presenting a delightful surprise. This exquisite dessert harmoniously combines the gentle sweetness of poached figs with the velvety warmth of manjari chocolate mousse. A refreshing twist comes from the accompanying fresh mint ice cream, while a sprinkling of crunchy salted pistachios adds texture. With each spoonful, the figs, chocolate, and herbaceous notes of the mint ice cream create a symphony of flavors that leave a lasting impression.

Under the helm of Chef Ryan, Lulu Bistrot has swiftly emerged as a culinary gem among French restaurants in Bali. With meticulous research and development, Chef Ryan has expertly curated a menu that reflects the essence of classic French cuisine. With every delectable dish that leaves the kitchen, Chef Ryan’s expertise and passion shine through, creating an extraordinary dining experience that captures the heart of French gastronomy.

Lulu Bistrot

Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.72, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

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