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Restaurant Radar: Hop Into April’s Buzziest New Dining Destinations

Restaurant Radar: Hop Into April’s Buzziest New Dining Destinations

Auli Cinantya
01 April 2024


Forget April Fools', check out these latest dining destinations in Bali and Jakarta!


April brings a fresh wave of culinary delights to Jakarta and Bali. New restaurants, cafes, and bars are popping up across both cities, each offering something unique and exciting. Innovative concepts and mouthwatering dishes promise to tantalize taste buds, whether you crave a chic cafe experience or a trendy new bar. With options galore, Jakarta and Bali’s vibrant food scene continues to impress, offering an abundance of opportunities to explore and discover hidden culinary gems.

New Restaurants in Jakarta

Coach Restaurant

American fashion brand Coach takes a bite out of the Jakarta dining scene with their first-ever restaurant globally. Inspired by the energy of Coach’s New York City roots, the menu boasts classic steakhouse fare like strip steak, lamb chops, and shrimp cocktails, alongside iconic sides like wedge salad and martinis, all designed to transport Coach fans to the heart of the Big Apple.

Club Macanudo Jakarta

Cigar enthusiasts in Jakarta have a new reason to celebrate.  Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) has opened a brand new Club Macanudo location in the heart of the city. This marks the third Club Macanudo lounge in Asia, joining established locations in Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. Nestled within the prestigious Bumi Pakubuwono development, the new Jakarta outpost promises an upscale experience for discerning palates.  The elegantly designed space honors the brand’s heritage as a classic cigar destination, while incorporating modern touches to create a sophisticated ambiance. Guests can look forward to indulging in a curated selection of the world’s finest cigars, including Macanudo’s popular Inspirado line. Additionally, the lounge offer a selection of beverages and food to complement the cigar experience.

Uki Matcha

A new matcha bar has opened its doors, offering a diverse selection of matcha drinks and desserts to satisfy all palates. From subtly nuanced Tenka matcha to the bolder Akemi, you can experience the full spectrum of matcha flavors. The menu also boasts a refreshing rose lychee matcha mocktail and other matcha-infused treats like cakes, waffles, gelato, and shiratama zenzai. 


Kebayoran Baru’s culinary scene welcomes a new player, Kyoten, a Japanese restaurant promising an exquisite exploration of taste and tradition. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey through meticulously crafted dishes that honor Japanese heritage. From the melt-in-your-mouth freshness of sashimi to expertly rolled sushi, each artfully presented creation promises a symphony of flavors and textures.  Whether you choose the classic simplicity of nigiri or delve into the intricate depths of an omakase tasting menu, Kyoten offers an unparalleled Japanese dining experience.

Mata Karanjang

Jalan Wijaya, South Jakarta, welcomes a new culinary venture, Mata Karanjang. The restaurant offers a distinct approach to Manadonese home cooking, elevating traditional flavors with a gourmet touch. Their menu presents a thoughtfully curated selection of dishes that highlight the richness and variety of Manado’s cuisine. Each dish is prepared with expertise, aiming to capture the essence of Manadonese flavors. A standout on the menu is the Ayam Tuturuga, a slow-cooked chicken infused with a complex blend of spices. Its rich aroma and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, paired with rice, promises a memorable dining experience.


A new burger joint has arrived in the city, specializing in the trendy “smashed burger” style. Pepr, previously an online-only brand, now offers its signature thin and crispy patties at their first physical location. The menu features classic and decadent options, like the “Son of a Bun” with a beef patty, brioche bun, red cheddar cheese, bone marrow gravy, and an onion ring. For a double patty experience, the Double Smashed Cheeseburger comes loaded with chopped onions, pickles, and Pepr’s signature sauce.

Solo Ristorante

Helmed by the talented Chef Jovan Koraag, Solo Ristorante brings a taste of Italy to the heart of South Jakarta’s trendy Wijaya district. Building upon the success of Solo Pizza, the new restaurant focuses on artisanal Italian cuisine, prioritizing high-quality ingredients. Solo Ristorante invites diners to experience elevated Italian dishes that remain faithful to their authentic roots. 

Toko Ibu

North Jakarta’s food scene gains a new player with Toko Ibu, a coffee shop offering a delightful mix of tradition and comfort. Beyond serving a variety of coffees, Toko Ibu allows guests to indulge in a curated selection of local UMKM (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) snacks, promoting local businesses. The menu extends further to include “spesial masakan ibu” (special home-cooked dishes) and the classic Indonesian dish, Mie Kangkung, providing a taste of familiar favorites alongside their coffee options. 

New Restaurants in Bali

Enya Bali

Hailing from Kanagawa, Japan, the renowned Yakitori Enya has arrived in Bali!  Enya Bali, located within Le Bajo Bali in Pererenan, offers a captivating Japanese dining experience.  They specialize in both omakase, a multi-course chef’s choice menu featuring the freshest seasonal ingredients, and yakitori, the traditional art of grilled skewered meats. Diners can delve into this exciting culinary adventure through the omakase or explore a la carte options like chicken wings, tori soup, or chicken soboro don. Enya Bali further elevates the experience with signature cocktails like the ume negroni, making it a must-visit for those seeking a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine in Bali.

Elamu Lombok

Kuta welcomes a new all-day Greek eatery, Elamu Greek Home Cooking. Offering comforting cuisine from breakfast to late-night bites (7am to 11pm), Elamu’s menu caters to all appetites. Diners can start their day with classic Greek breakfasts like kayana eggs or Greek pancakes. Lunch and dinner options feature hearty dishes like beef moussaka, soutzoukakia (sausages), and beefteki (minced meat patties).  Vegetarians and vegans are also catered to with a dedicated selection. 

Fuego Grill Bali

A new restaurant, Fuego, has opened its doors, offering a menu centered around wood-fired cooking. Diners can expect a selection of grilled meats, seafood, and savory dishes infused with smoky flavors. The restaurant boasts an upscale yet cozy ambiance, catering to both intimate dinners and gatherings. The menu promises a focus on well-executed dishes, showcasing the art of wood-fired cooking.

Gale Club Bali

Galle Club Bali, sister restaurant to the acclaimed Bacari Bali, has opened its doors, offering a delectable fusion of Sri Lankan and coastal Indian flavors. Nestled in the charming Nyuh Kuning neighborhood, the restaurant’s ambiance pays homage to the historic Galle Fort, seamlessly merging colonial aesthetics with modern tropical touches. Diners can expect a menu brimming with fresh ingredients, each dish meticulously crafted to deliver an explosion of taste. The curated wine selection by the founder complements the culinary journey, while brunch favorites like Thaalis and other enticing options round out the menu.

Petit Garcon

Situated within a tranquil neighborhood, Petit Garcon is poised to redefine Uluwatu’s dining landscape, making it a destination for those with a sweet tooth. Petit Garçon showcases the culinary expertise of the Resort’s Culinary Director, Andika Adam, and his innovative team, featuring an exquisite array of French-inspired desserts infused with contemporary twists.

Reina Jungla Bali

Reina Jungla, an artisanal bakery and deli nestled amidst the vibrant Ubud jungle. Their menu focuses on creative yet comforting food, perfect for repeat visits. Located near central Ubud, Reina Jungla offers a relaxed atmosphere ideal for work-from-anywhere individuals. Mornings see a bustling crowd enjoying fresh pastries and coffee, while afternoons feature a deli selection of sandwiches, salads, and wraps. Evenings transform the space into a cozy spot for wine and cake. This new bakery and deli is quickly becoming a favorite for both locals and tourists.

Theatre Bar Bali

Theatre, a new concept described as more than just a nightclub, has opened in Canggu. It promises an immersive experience that blends art, music, and a vibrant atmosphere. The venue aims to redefine entertainment by pushing creative boundaries and crafting unique experiences. Beyond the captivating environment, Theatre offers a curated menu of canapés by renowned Italian chef Maurizio Bombini. Guests can also choose from a selection of caviar paired with champagnes and vodkas.

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