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Pastry Chef Dedy Sutan’s Sweet Tales at Jakarta Dessert Week 2023

Pastry Chef Dedy Sutan’s Sweet Tales at Jakarta Dessert Week 2023

Auli Cinantya
17 October 2023


Padma Hotel Semarang Executive Pastry Chef Dedy Sutan participate at Jakarta Dessert Week’s “Sweet Tales” photo exhibition.


Chef Dedy Sutan, a culinary maestro in the realm of pastries and sweets, boasts a remarkable career adorned with numerous awards. Now, he proudly holds the esteemed position of Executive Pastry Chef at Padma Hotel Semarang.

With over 15 years of culinary expertise dedicated to crafting delectable desserts, Chef Dedy Sutan is an illustrious figure in Indonesia’s culinary landscape. His culinary journey has taken him from Dubai to Bali and Jakarta, establishing his reputation as one of Indonesia’s premier pastry chefs.

This accomplished pastry artist has garnered international acclaim, marked by an impressive record of awards, including participation in the inaugural Indonesian team at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 2017. His approach to the art of pastry is marked by constant innovation and collaboration with his team, with a keen focus on staying ahead of culinary trends.

In his role as Executive Pastry Chef, Chef Dedy is deeply involved in Padma Hotel Semarang’s own Goolali Gelato Bar & Patisserie. Goolali, a local sweet renowned for spreading joy, inspires this patisserie and gelato outlet. Here, visitors can relish handcrafted frozen delights and indulgent baked specialties that reflect Chef Dedy’s passion for creating food that is not just delicious but also playful, exciting, and visually pleasing. Chef Dedy Sutan’s legacy in the world of pastries and desserts continues to flourish at Padma Hotel Semarang.

A Celebration of Sweetness at Jakarta Dessert Week

Jakarta Dessert Week (JDW) is a beloved annual event that sweetens up the vibrant landscape of the city, emphasizing the flourishing world of desserts and pastries while celebrating the burgeoning talent within.

This year, JDW is unveiling an exciting addition: the inaugural “Sweet Tales” photo exhibition, set to take place at Plaza Indonesia from October 6 to October 22, 2023. This visual tribute pays homage to the esteemed pastry and dessert luminaries of Indonesia who have not only set trends but have also achieved significant milestones, leaving a lasting legacy in the industry.

Among the featured dignitaries in this exhibition is the accomplished Executive Pastry Chef from Padma Hotel Semarang, Chef Dedy Sutan. His illustrious career and remarkable achievements make him a source of inspiration, particularly for young talents in the hotel’s Pastry department.

“Sweet Tales” is made possible with the gracious support of Oppo, adding a touch of sweetness to this delectable journey through the world of desserts.

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