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Dig Into Locavore’s Artefacts at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta

Dig Into Locavore’s Artefacts at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta

Auli Cinantya
10 November 2022


From November 3rd to 13th, Locavore presents their ‘exhibition menu’ of their favorite fifty dishes from nine years of Locavore history at the Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta


Locavore launched its new and final season menu in September, an ‘exhibition menu’ of their favorite fifty dishes from nine years of Locavore history.

Locavore Artefacts: A History In Fifty Edible Ideas invites you to celebrate their favorite culinary memories with them. Each of their best edible creations will be revived in the kitchen one last time – and preserved for prosperity with inspired artworks by local creatives – with three menus released over the months.

As their Ubud restaurant is transformed into a unique dining exhibition experience, guests will dig into a unique ensemble of Locavore’s greatest treasures while immersed in a curated display of each dish’s artistic representation.

From November 3rd until the 13th, the Locavore team will serve their historical ‘exhibition menu’ at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta. 

Artefacts revive each of Lovaore’s best edible ideas before they take on a whole new journey. Through this ‘exhibition menu,’ you can experience all the best-selling from Locavore’s unique dishes, presented in a 15-course dinner. Grab your gear because we are going to dig up some treasure. 

The 15-course meal is divided into four galleries. The first gallery consists of eight kinds of snacks. Starting with the Edible Bouquet, wild leaves and flowers, spray with hibiscus vinegar and sprinkle with sea salt. This edible bouquet uses everything they forage from around the rice fields in Bali. Next is the Monkey Business, a giant pot full of leaves and colorful flowers is served, and inside, you can see lemon grass sticks. This dish was inspired by how the Monkey eats. Using the lemongrass, you dipped it into a combination of fried ant eggs, crispy aromatics, puffed rice, and stingless be honey. 

Among the eight snacks, I got to meet the Hot and Cold Tomato again. This was one of the menus they had since the beginning of their journey in 2013, making it the longest-serving snack. I got the chance to try it out during their Pancaroba season back in 2020, and for the second time, this dish still blows my mind. Warm tomato consomme is poured on a serving of tomato sambal sorbet. The opposite sensation of cold and hot in your mouth will always be a surprise.

Moving on to Gallery Two, two kinds of appetizers are served. You have Edi Brokoli, named after a famous Indonesian comedian, and Raw Lamb. The Raw lamb is one of the best; raw lamb is served with Kari kambing shio koji, crispy aromatics, sawah leaves, and warm lamb fat vinaigrette.
The main course, or as they called it, Gallery Three, consists of Catch of The Day, Cabbage & Bacon, and Flap Steak.
Last but not least, we have arrived at Gallery Four, the dessert. Bubur Sumsum is a frozen rice porridge, seasonal mango preparations, crispy rice, and mango vinegar. Meanwhile, Kluwak & Chocolate combines unique textures and flavors with thick chocolate and kluwak served with banana and pandan ice cream. Aside from the exquisite meal they serve, they also have drink pairings—an interesting one. 

Locavore is known for its sustainable approach to sourcing ingredients. They manage to present unique flavors and textures using out-of-the-ordinary ingredients, and every element in the plate has its own purpose; nothing goes to waste. The 15-course meal serves as a walk-trough-memories kind of dinner. You get to see their menu ever since they open their door for the first time in Ubud, until their most recent ones.

Locavore is preserving its journey through Artefacts; it is a testament to its awe-inspiring journey and innovation.

Locavore at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta 
Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Menteng, Kec. Menteng, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10310


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