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Jakarta’s Best Ramen

Jakarta’s Best Ramen

Nisya Kunto
30 September 2021


Who doesn’t love ramen? The warm and tasteful bowl is definitely one of our favorite dish! Check our list to see our picks of best ramen in Jakarta.


Yoisho Jakarta

The Asian Fusion restaurant at Gunawarman offers not only Japanese selections, but also innovative Korean and Indonesian dishes. But if you’re visiting for their ramen, be sure to try Yoisho’s Spicy Miso Ramen with spicy miso, chicken charsiu, ajitama, fried gobo, and chiwis namul.


SUSURU at Ashta District 8 and Gading Serpong serves two types of ramen soup: chintan or the clear soup, and the tantalizing paitan or thick soup. They also have two broth offerings, the Tori Chintan made from chicken, or the collagen rich pork Tonkotsu. SUSURU’s also offers its signature miso ramen, made from over twenty ingredients and taking up to four weeks to make!

Sai Ramen

Sai Ramen brings an authentic flavor of Kyoto to their outlets in Serpong, Bogor, and Bandung. The favorites at Sai Ramen are the Original Chicken Ramen and Miso, Curry, and Black Garlic, served with a special ramen broth that is prepared for 14 hours.

RARA Ramen Bar

First opened its doors in 2019, RARA Ramen Bar features a selection of dry ramen, a menu that stands out amongst the usual ramen suspects. With three dry ramen toppings to choose from: beef sukiyaki, chicken teriyaki, and shoyu butter corn, their dry ramen is surely worth the try!

Menya Sakura

Menya Sakura’s favorites are the Tonkotsu and Tonkotsu Charsu. Their tonkotsu soup is a result of hours of cooking a rich pork broth that is full of umami flavors, whereas their juicy charsiu is prepared with Menya’s Sakura special sauce.

Ikkudo Ichi

With more than ten locations in and around Jakarta, Ikkudo Ichi remains one of the go-to ramen joints for when that ramen craving hits. One of Ikkudo Ichi’s latest craze is their Caviar and Truffle Ramen, but there’s no topping the classic Tori Signature Ramen!


Since its founding, IPPUDO has been focussing on creating a new ramen culture in Japan. Starting with ramen, IPPUDO plans to introduce Japan’s beloved gastronomic culture to the world – where people can enjoy, understand and appreciate the Japanese food and culture. Visit Ippudo outlets in Jakarta at Pacific Place, Central Park, Grand Indonesia, Lippo Mall Kemang, Lippo Mall Puri, and Senayan Park.

Ramen 38 Sanpachi

Ramen 38 Sanpachi was first introduced in 2003, and has since been an iconic dining destination in Melawai. Ramen 38 Sanpachi boasts their homemade noodles with thick and flavorful broth. In their menu are the Shoyu Ramen with pork or chicken broth, Yaki Gyoza, and the favorite Buta Shogayaki.

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