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Glenfiddich Released Three Luxury Single Malts

Glenfiddich Released Three Luxury Single Malts

Yohanes Sandy
16 October 2022


The three luxury single malts are presented in packaging designed to interpret different concepts of time.


Glenfiddich has just released the Time Re:Imagined collection featuring three aged and exclusive single malts whiskies for Indonesian market. The Time Re:Imagined collection includes 30-year-old, 40-year-old, and 50-year-old expressions each is shaped by the steady passing of time and is presented in a unique casing of bespoke artwork.

These whiskies have matured over decades, developing richness and depth of flavor that is rarely encountered. Developed under the theme of Time, each of the three whiskeys comes with an attractive package, visually carrying more modern nods to the Glenfiddich’s amazing history.

The 30-year-old embodies Suspended Time, the moment when the Malt Master suspends the development of the whisky, showcasing the purest expression of the distiller’s character. The 40-year-old represents Cumulative Time, drawing attention to the layers of accumulated flavor within its liquid, made possible via the remnant vatting process first pioneered by Glenfiddich. And the rarest, the 50-year-old, can be seen as a stunning portrayal of Simultaneous Time, exploring the parallel and complex conditions and effects that have influenced this refined liquid.

The Glenfiddich 30-year-old is available at IDR 18,700,000, the 40-year-old is available at IDR 71.200.000, and the rare 50-year-old is available to purchase for IDR 695,900,000. The collection is available for purchase at

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