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Foodies Pick: Mixed Rice Dish From Around The World

Foodies Pick: Mixed Rice Dish From Around The World

Monika Febriana
27 April 2023


Rice is a widely consumed food throughout the world, these mixed rice dishes from different cultures can be an interesting options aside from your usual rice dish.


“No Rice, No Life” is an expression I believe fits rice lovers like myself. My meals feel incomplete without rice, regardless of whether I ate bread or potatoes beforehand. I am fortunate to have access to various rice dishes, such as fried rice, nasi uduk, yellow rice, and more.

Not only is rice a staple food for Indonesians and Asians, but it is also consumed daily by over 3.5 billion people worldwide. When traveling to countries such as Japan, Korea, and China, seeing the plethora of rice-based dishes available is fascinating.

While rice is a staple food in Asia, it’s less commonly consumed in other continents. However, rice is still popular in many dishes worldwide, ranging from porridge in some countries to snacks like Italy’s Arancini.

Mixed rice is a popular way to cook rice, and there are various mixed rice dishes to try from different countries. If you’re looking for a list of mixed rice dishes from around the world, there are plenty of options to explore.

Mixed Rice Dishes in Jakarta

Bibimbap - South Korea

For you Korean Lovers, you may be familiar with this dish. Bibimbap is a rice dish with various vegetables, chicken, and soft-boiled eggs. The way to eat this dish is by pouring the gochujang sauce and stirring all the condiments until they are thoroughly mixed. You can taste rice mixed with all condiments in one bite. You can feel the pleasure of eating bibimbap at several Korean restaurants that you can easily find in Jakarta such as Cheongdam Garden, or Bornga

Biryani - Bangladesh, India, Pakistan

When talking about Middle Eastern cuisine, the mixed rice dish that must be on the list is Biryani. This typical Middle Eastern rice is made from basmati rice cooked with a mixture of spices and chicken stock. Usually, biryani is served on a large plate because the portion of this dish itself is also quite large with side dishes on it. Al Jazeerah Signature is a restaurant that is famous for providing a variety of Middle Eastern specialties, one of which is biryani.

Dirty Rice - Louisiana (USA)

America has a mixed rice dish namely Dirty Rice. A traditional Louisiana dish made of rice cooked together with chunks of beef, chicken, or pork. Rice is cooked until brown, hence the word  ‘dirty’, and combined with a mixture of spices spiced with cayenne and black pepper. The Holy Crab provides dirty rice with mixed seafood and egg yolk that is ready to dig in.

Nasi Bakar - Indonesia

As a culinary-rich country, Indonesia has several mixed rice dishes. One of which is the Nasi Bakar, a rice dish mixed with various ingredients, such as sliced ​​chicken, fish, eggs, and squid wrapped in banana leaves and then grilled. What made the dish different than the others is the distinctive aroma of banana leaves. In addition, this processed rice is also usually served with Sambal to give that spicy kick. We recommend roasted rice from Taliwang Bali for those of you who want to taste it.

Paella - Spain

Paella is a traditional rice dish from Valencia but is more commonly known as Spanish cuisine. The name Paella itself comes from old French which means Pan. This dish is cooked and served in a pot. The rice in Paella is cooked with various Spanish spices such as saffron and paprika. The dishes are generally served with seafood, but some are served with sausages and vegetables. Nidcielo over an abundant selection of tapas and other Spanish specialties, be sure to try their hearty Catch Of The Day Paella. 

Risotto - Italy

Heading to the European continent, or rather to Italy, you will find a mixed rice dish, namely risotto. One of the key ingredients in this dish is Carnaroli rice, a medium-sized grain variety from Italy. To create its signature creamy consistency, Risotto is typically cooked with a flavorful broth.  The broth can be beef, fish, or vegetables. Alto Restaurant serves a unique black risotto made from squid ink and fresh Calamari (squid).

Takikomi Gohan - Japan

Takikomi Gohan is a classic Japanese mixed rice dish. The cooked rice is mixed with various ingredients, from eggs, salmon, and unagi to beef. The way to eat it is almost the same as the bibimbap,  by stirring all the condiments until they are evenly mixed. Okuzono is one of the restaurants that provide this mixed rice. For those of you who are vegan, this restaurant also provides a variety of vegan menus.

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