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FoodieS Pick: Merry Margaritas

FoodieS Pick: Merry Margaritas

Danti Tarigan
03 May 2023


Though you don’t really need a reason to drink tequila, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect excuse to have them.


The Mexican festival is known for its bright color and mariachis, but for us here in Indonesia, it happily translates to a long night of parties and margaritas. While a classic margarita contains tequila, agave nectar, and lime juice, plenty of places now serve them with many varieties and exciting twists. Here are some of the places with the best glasses of Margaritas you can check out in Jakarta and Bali!

Best Margaritas in Jakarta

Amigos Jakarta

Having been around for more than forty years, Amigos Mexican Restaurant and Bar have become one of the iconic restaurants in Jakarta. The establishment is known for its signature drinks, lively entertainment, and authentic Tex-Mex specialties, such as nachos, tacos, and quesadillas. However, a night in Amigos won’t be complete without ordering the ‘Big Mama.’ It’s Margarita on the rocks served in a giant glass and can be enjoyed together with up to seven friends. When the Big Mamas arrive at your table, then it’s time to put your straws in and let the night begin.

Sudestada Argentinian Grill, Bar & Cafe

Located in the central area of Jakarta, Sudestada is no stranger to those seeking mouthwatering Latin food and an Argentinian flair. Besides the Asados, which are freshly grilled barbeques (Asado) made with premium quality meats, Sudestada also has a wide selection of cocktails, including its Margaritas. While the surroundings will immerse guests in vibrant Argentinian culture and experience, the food and drinks here are undoubtedly the star of the show, guaranteed to bring anyone to the table and have a good time.

The Cocktail Club

Bursting onto Jakarta’s vibrant cocktail scene in 2021, The Cocktail Club has continued to hold its legacy as one of the best bars in Jakarta, if not Indonesia. The bar’s crew continues to create innovative and exciting menus to the table, but that doesn’t say they don’t master the classic. With “a little upgrade” (as they call it), classics here are treated with more premium ingredients and a lot more finesse. The Margaritas, in particular, are made with Espolòn Blanco tequila, Orange Liqueur, Yuzu, as well as Agave, and are described as “citrusy, sweet and spicy,” scoring three out of five in terms of alcoholic punchiness.


Aside from the semi-open patio, which provides a much-needed airy and breezy space in the middle of Mega Kuningan’s business district, a sip of Loewy‘s refreshing Margaritas is another reason to sit and relax here. In the hands of Loewy’s experienced mixologists, the crisp, citrusy drink is specially crafted and made with premium tequila. It is the perfect pair for the brasserie dishes here and the classy affair.

Best Margaritas in Bali

Lacalita Bar y Cocina

The alive and colorful Lacalita Bar y Cocina is one of the Mexican jewels available in Bali, and you can never go wrong with a glass of cold margarita when you’re there. Whether you are team Tequila or Mezcal, Lacalita offers its patrons many options to suit your palate, mixing the premium spirit with different kinds of local fresh fruits and herbs to create a one-of-a-kind drink. The crowd’s favorite, LACALACA Margaritas, is uniquely made using Jalapeno-infused tequila, shaken with triple sec, lime, and star fruit. Worry not for the added spice; the drink does hold a nice surprise!

The Lawn Canggu

The Lawn in Canggu practically has everything you’re looking for in Bali: sunset, surf, music, good eats, and even better drinks. And while you lay looking over the shimmering Indian Ocean, why not complete the well-deserved leisure with a glass of Margarita in hand? Particularly the Frozen Mango Margarita,  the drink is the perfect delicious weapon to beat Bali’s heat, made with tequila, mezcal, mango, chili, and tangy-salty tajin salt rim.

Bam Bam Bar

The brainchild of the Australian trio, Matty, Anto, and Bo, Bam Bam Bar offers a unique retro-style dive bar where music enthusiasts can eat, drink, and socialize. In addition to having the best-fried chicken in Canggu, the bar is also known for its true love of classic records, excellent vegan menu, and of course, trademark drinks. As for the order, nothing accompanies conversations better than their Fried Chicken Sando and Spicy Margarita; a concoction of tequila, pineapple, lime juice, and local spice mix.

Don Juan Bali

Celebrating Mexican culture and cuisine, The Don Juan Mexican Restaurant and Bar opened its door in Bali in August 2019. Serving familiar and Mexican food favorites, such as burritos, enchiladas, and tostada, Don Juan is all about reinventing classics, putting their own twist without taking out the comfort of comfort food. Besides the food, you will find people around Bali rave about their Margaritas. Frozen, classic, flavored; they have it all, and so should you!

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