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Wynn Invites Culinary Icons to Join Forces for ‘Wynn Guest Chef Dining Series’

Wynn Invites Culinary Icons to Join Forces for ‘Wynn Guest Chef Dining Series’

FoodieS Team
06 July 2024


From July to September, Wynn guests can look forward to a series of collaborative dinners featuring culinary masters from around the world.


From July, Wynn will welcome culinary icons from around the world to participate in the ongoing ‘Wynn Guest Chef Dining Series’. Some of the world’s most celebrated chefs will journey to Macao to partner with Wynn’s award-winning culinary masters for a series of collaborative dinners that celebrate the diverse landscape of international regions. Celebrating excellence, culinary identities, and gastronomic diversity, the ‘Wynn Guest Chef Dining Series’ aims to inspire conversation and innovation as influential chefs around the world use their combined talents to push the creative boundaries of gastronomy.

‘Wynn Guest Chef Dining Series’ provides an ideal platform for culinary talents to exchange knowledge, share culinary traditions, and promote the rich culture of regional cuisines. Wynn is committed to promoting Macao’s status as a UNESCO-designated Creative City of Gastronomy, supporting Macao’s diversified development of ‘tourism + gastronomy’.

The participating restaurants and chefs include:

Chef Tam Kwok Fung of Chef Tam’s Seasons (Macao) x Chef Park Seung-hun of Hansik Goo (Hong Kong)

Since the launch of Chef Tam’s Seasons at Wynn Palace in 2023, the restaurant has earned critical plaudits. Under the stewardship of Chef Tam Kwok Fung, the Cantonese restaurant debuted on the 2024 list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and earned a Michelin star within a year of opening. Chef Tam will team up for two nights with Chef Park Seung-hun, widely regarded as one of South Korea’s finest chefs. As Executive Chef of the Michelin-starred Hansik Goo in Hong Kong, Chef Park showcases the diversity of Korean cuisine reframed through a modern lens. Blending classic Cantonese delicacies with contemporary Korean dishes, Chef Tam and Chef Park will create an enticing tasting menu of cross-cultural cuisines.

Date: July 5 – 6, 2024

Venue: Chef Tam’s Seasons, Wynn Palace

Chef Chan Tak Kwong of Wing Lei (Macao) x Chef Zeng Huaijun of Song Chinese Cuisine (Guangzhou)

Executive Chef of Wynn Macau’s Wing Lei, Chef Chan Tak Kwong, has long been revered for his delicate artistry and commitment to elevating Cantonese cuisine. As the Cantonese master of the two Michelin-starred Wing Lei restaurants, he has inspired many with his authentic flavors and impeccable style. Likewise, Chef Zeng Huaijun, Executive Chef of Song Chinese Cuisine in Guangzhou, draws inspiration from her culinary heritage. Specializing in Sichuan cuisine, Chef Zeng is admired for her audacious, surprising twists on traditional dishes and her creative interpretations, which have earned Song a Michelin star. During their two-night collaboration, Chef Chan and Chef Zeng will present an elegant tasting menu showcasing their expert knowledge of China’s regional cuisines.

Date: July 26 – 27, 2024

Venue: Wing Lei, Wynn Macau

Chef Henry Zhang Zhi Cheng of Golden Flower (Macao) x Chef Cheung Yik of Oyster Talks (Beijing)

Acclaimed Chef Henry Zhang Zhi Cheng, who steered Golden Flower of Wynn Macau to its One-Diamond status in the prestigious Black Pearl Restaurant Guide 2024, was also honored in the 2023 Global Elite Restaurant List as one of the inaugural recipients of the ‘Star Chef of the Year’ award. Chef Zhang, a rising star in the culinary world, invites diners to embark on a gastronomic journey through China’s culinary heritage. Launched in 2013, Oyster Talks, which garnered a One-Diamond award in the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide 2024, was Beijing’s first oyster-centric restaurant. Incorporating refined French cooking techniques, Chef Cheung meticulously prepares each dish to showcase the finest ingredients from the land and sea. In August, he will partner with Chef Henry Zhang to create an inspired combination of modern Imperial and contemporary French cuisines.

Date: August 16 – 17, 2024

Venue: Golden Flower, Wynn Macau

Chef Helder Sequeira Amaral of SW Steakhouse (Macao) x Celebrity Chef Bruno Menard (Singapore) x Chef Matthew Leong of RE-NAA (Stavanger)

At SW Steakhouse at Wynn Palace, Executive Chef Helder Sequeira Amaral, who was born in Portugal, draws inspiration from his exceptional culinary skills and exposure to the rich gastronomic cultures. He spent decades serving up classic American steakhouse fare and the finest seafood. His attention to detail and artistry have earned SW Steakhouse a prized Five-Star rating from the Forbes Travel Guide and a One-Diamond award in the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide 2024. In August, Chef Helder will front a six-hand dinner with two of the culinary world’s most celebrated figures. Prolific French Chef and President of Bocuse d’Or Singapore, Bruno Menard, will make his debut at Wynn Palace alongside Chef Helder. In the early 2000s, Chef Menard moved to Tokyo and was appointed head chef at L’Osier where his refined dishes and innate ability to blend classic French cooking techniques with Japanese ingredients saw him rewarded with three Michelin stars during his time there. Rounding out the trio is up-and-coming culinary star Chef Matthew Leong. Born in Singapore, Chef Leong, aged 29, is a master in infusing Nordic dishes with Asian flavors. As the Executive Chef of RE-NAA, he steers three Michelin stars for the restaurant in Stavanger, Norway. Since RE-NAA holds the distinction of being the only establishment in Stavanger with the prized three stars, Chef Leong has made his mark on the culinary world, landing him a spot in Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ Europe list.

Date: August 23 – 24, 2024

Venue: SW Steakhouse, Wynn Palace

Chef Chan Tak Kwong of Wing Lei (Macao) x Chef Li Wei of Ji Pin Court (Shanghai)

Two of the world’s leading authorities on Cantonese cuisine will collaborate to create two exceptional nights of gastronomic greatness. Having cooked for dignitaries around the world, Chef Chan Tak Kwong, Executive Chef of Wynn Macau’s two Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant Wing Lei, will partner with Executive Chef Li Wei from Shanghai’s two Michelin-starred Ji Pin Court. Specializing in sophisticated Cantonese fare, Chef Chan and Chef Li share a meticulous approach to traditional Chinese cuisine and seasonality, presenting modern interpretations of classic dishes.

Date: September 6 – 7, 2024

Venue: Wing Lei, Wynn Macau

Chef Tam Kwok Fung of Chef Tam’s Seasons (Macao) x Chef Wu Rong of Meet the Bund (Shanghai)

In September, gourmands will have the rare opportunity to experience a menu prepared by two recipients of the highly coveted ‘Chef of the Year’ award, an annual honor presented by the influential Black Pearl Restaurant Guide that recognizes culinary icons across China. Renowned culinary master Chef Tam Kwok Fung, the multi-award-winning Chef heading up Chef Tam’s Seasons at Wynn Palace, earned the title in 2023, while Chef Wu Rong from Shanghai’s Meet the Bund was the 2024 recipient. Both restaurants were on the 2024 list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and recognized by Michelin. For the ‘Wynn Guest Chef Dining Series’, Chef Tam and Chef Wu will collaborate to create a bold fusion of seasonal Cantonese and Fujian flavors, presenting two major cuisines with deep Chinese heritage and traditions through contemporary modern techniques.

Date: September 20 – 21, 2024

Venue: Chef Tam’s Seasons, Wynn Palace

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