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What Foodies Watch

What Foodies Watch

FoodieS Team
01 September 2021


With the weekend coming up, we're sharing some of our favorite food series available on Netflix. Maybe this will inspire you to embark on your next foodie adventure!


Bake Squad

Bake Squad is Christina Tosi’s competition series, following four individual bakers who are on-the-whisk to make dessert that will be chosen to be a part of someone’s extra special big day. Unlike other competitive series, though, no one gets eliminated from Bake Squad, nor are they competing for a prize. The upside? You get to see everyone’s creativity come out and be friendly at the same time, which is rare in a competitive kitchen series!


Street Food: Asia & Latin America

Street Food is created by David Gelb and Brian McGinn, exploring street food around the world. Archival footage is combined with face to face interviews and follows street food chefs and their history, which is intertwined with the big picture of how influential street food is in their native country. In Asia, Street Food explores the delicacies of Bangkok, Yogyakarta, Singapore, Cebu, and many more. While in Latin America, we’re taken into an adventure through the streets of Buenos Aires, Salvador, Oaxaca, Bogota, and other cities.

Somebody Feed Phil

Hosted by creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, Philip Rosenthal, Somebody Feed Phil follows his adventure in a format of a food travelogue as he travels throughout the world to Mexico City, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, and more. The show is a successor to Rosenthal’s previous show on PBS, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.

The Chef Show

Created by Jon Favreau to continue his apprenticeship under Chef Roy Choi, The Chef Show is powered by Favreau’s curiosity. He takes the front seat and asks questions, and attempts the recipe and techniques himself. Favreau and Choi not only embrace their passion for food, but they also showcase their love of bringing people together for a delicious meal.


Ugly Delicious

If you’re a fan of Anthony Bourdain’s program, Ugly Delicious will hit you right at the spot. Host David Chang explores food from across the globe that are often overlooked, and he’s joined with celebrities as he empties the plates on his table. Ugly Delicious takes us eating, discussing, and diving into what makes a good food, and zeroes in on the cultural ties and impact of a humble dish.

Chef’s Table

Also created by David Gelb, who is no stranger in directing food documentaries, Gelb considers Chef’s Table as the sequel to Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The methods and approaches of Magnus Nillson (also profiled in Mind of a Chef),  Grant Achatz, Christina Tosi, and many more are all put on display across the series. Using the production techniques based on traditional filmmaking rather than reality TV, each episode focuses on a specific chef, namely Massimo Bottura, Gaggan Anand, Virgilio Martinez, Will Goldfarb, and many more.

Midnight Diner

Midnight Diner looks as if it’s plucked straight out of the universe of Haruki Murakami (big After Dark energy here). It is a Japanese show following a tiny diner at a busy part of Tokyo that only wakes up when most of the city is asleep. The Master’s menu is a simple one: pork-and-vegetable noodle soup, beer, and sake.  But these are enough for his clientele who frequent the diner like a moth attracted to flame. Midnight Diner offers solace and comfort for those who are lonely, and welcomed by the stoic Master, where diners are entertained by his exceptional cooking and listening skills.

Izakaya Bottakuri

Starting off with in a lighthearted pace, Izakaya Bottakuri slowly brings you the into a typical Japanese humble kitchen setting. The plot presides over the calm relationship between two siblings who runs a food kiosk, Izakaya Bottakuri. The izakaya has lived up to its name delivers humble Japanese dishes with such tender and delicate care that is cherished by their loyal patrons.  

Korean Cold Noodle Rhapsody

Korean Cold Noodle Rhapsody is a follow-up to the 2020 series of Korean Pork Belly Rhapsody, hosted by South Korean chef and food researcher Paik Jong-Won. In this series, Paik travels to different parts of Korea as he tastes how the summertime staple naengmyeon varies in each region. The two part documentary explores the complexity behind what seems to be a simple dish, loved by many Koreans.


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