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What FoodieS Eats: Agung Satria

What FoodieS Eats: Agung Satria

Auli Cinantya
02 December 2022


Mixologist Agung Satria, also known as El Hombre, shares his favorite drinks, unique drink creations, and all-time favorite dining places.


Born and raised in Bali, Agung Satria Wibawa is also known as El Hombre – a name he got from a unique encounter back when he worked in France – has proven his skills with his vast working experience. He started his career in 2013 and has performed in hotel bars, nightclubs, beach clubs, and yacht cruises, with his name known from France, Vietnam, and now in Jakarta.

Agung’s endeavor as a mixologist was influenced by his father, who was a bartender. Even though his father never really persuaded him to take the same path as his, Agung finds that being a mixologist is like a calling to him.

His passion and devotion have led him to make some unique cocktails that were successfully deemed best sellers and helped him through numerous bartending competitions. Such as the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge and the Indonesian representative for Monin Cup back in 2018.

Hi! Please tell us a little about yourself and your daily activities
Hi, my name is Agung Satria, and people call me El Hombre. I’m a full-time brand ambassador of Bacardi Limited Indonesia and the lead mixologist of TOMA Brasserie, where I help develop and create the bar menu. Something that I’m proud of and good at. 

What’s your favorite classic drink? 
There is only one drink that I fall in love with, and it’s a highball. It’s scotch whisky and soda water, complete with a lemon tuile. It is something I used to drink day in and day out. 

How would you describe your food preferences? 
I always love Balinese food, not just because I was born and raised in Bali, but because my palette is used to rich food full of herbs and spices. When I was in Paris, I had difficulties finding food suitable for my palette. So I often cook my food, even though, to be honest, I’m not good at cooking, hahaha. 


Which restaurants have you visited recently and managed to impress you? 
I have two restaurants to go to that are always on my list. The first one was Bikin Restaurant, but unfortunately, they closed their door due to the pandemic. But the other one is Kilo Kitchen; the chef used to work in Bikini restaurant; therefore, it was easy for me to fall in love with their food. Their Squid Ink Rice is really good, I have also tried their Barramundi, and it was finger-licking good! 

I also like Japanese food; there is one particular Japanese restaurant that I used to go to, Yuki in Bali. The place belongs to my friend, and the food is fabulous. I recommend everything on the menu.

Is there a food you’d like to try but haven’t? 
I tried extreme food in Vietnam, like duck blood and monkey brain. If there’s a chance, I would like to explore street foods in Thailand. I have never been to Thailand, but I heard they are delicious. I want to try their pork belly and the famous Jay Fai crab omelet. 

Which drink concoction is the most unique, and where did you try to eat? 
There is one cocktail I created three years ago, and it’s called Misses Percetibel Irresistible, and I know it doesn’t sound very easy. Still, the drink is much like its name; it took 24 hours to create it just because some of the ingredients are very complicated. 

It’s a gin-based cocktail with white magnolia, so it’s made of gin infused with magnolia and clarified passion fruit with Pandan Tea, which I acquired from Lam Dong, Vietnam. That was the most unique drink I have ever made, and I won a competition because of that drink. 

The other one is from Agung Prabowo; he is an Indonesian bartender based in Hong Kong. His style of cocktails always manages to catch my attention. There are many kitchen methods and various lab gadgets involved in creating ingredients. For me all of his creations are; I’m a huge fan of him. 

What’s your favorite local dish, and where do you go to eat it? 
Spit Roast Pig (Babi guling)! My favorite place to go is Babi Guling Pak Malen! So when I go back to Bali, the first thing I do once I’m outside the airport is head to my favorite Babi guling place. 

Are there foods you can eat every day without getting bored? 
Babi guling. That’s the answer, hahaha. 

After a busy day, what drink do you choose for a relaxing time? And why did you choose that drink?
Highball. It is light, easy, and refreshing. 

What things usually attract you to visit a place to eat (bar/restaurant/warung/etc.)? 
I never rely on trip advisor or google reviews cause I don’t really trust them. Usually, what attracts me to a place is if they serve good food, and sometimes, from word of mouth and the chef behind the kitchen. 

What are your signature cocktails?  
There is this cocktail I’m super proud of, and it’s called Fleur A La Royale, which we also serve here in TOMA. I created this cocktail in 2018 when I was working at FINNS Bali. I helped open FINNS Bali beach club and stayed for a short period before moving to Vietnam. I brought that cocktail with me, which is the only one that has never been changed on the menu for over three years, and it has always been the top-selling drink every month. Now I’m here at TOMA, I brought that cocktail back with me soo the people in Jakarta could taste and enjoys it, and again, it has become the top-selling cocktail here. 

Do you have any favorite local spirits? 
Aarak bali, Congyang from Semarang, and Sopi. 

What are your top three dining places? 
Number one is TOMA, of course, hahaha. The second one is Kilo Kitchen and Yuki in Bali. 

What is your drink recommendation for people who would like to visit TOMA brasserie? 
I recommend the Fleur A La Royale. That cocktail can easily appeal to everyone’s palette; many will love that drink. 

Is there anything specials we can anticipate in the festive season? 
We plan to do a special menu here at TOMA for Christmas and New Year. One of which is a drink inspired by Mulled Wine. We will also do a Gin & Tonic promotion that we called Gin Gin Situation. There is still plenty of stuff that you can look forward to. 

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