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What Foodies Eat: Deli Makmur

What Foodies Eat: Deli Makmur

Nisya Kunto
19 August 2021


In this edition of What Foodies Eat, we feature fashion and lifestyle specialist Deli Makmur, who shares with us his personal food picks.


The founder of FAME74 and Fashion First is not only a big foodie but a passionate traveller who is always on the lookout for the next best meal. Deli also owns @deli.sius, a home business selling balado bilih fish.

Deli’s favorite dishes include noodles, fried chicken, and simple fried eggs. During PPKM, Deli has been ordering in from various mie dealers in Jakarta to find his favorites. At the latest What Foodies Eat, Deli shares with us what other restaurants make up his list of favorites, and which of the many mies he loves makes it to his list of five!

Roma Osteria features quintessential Roman classic and Italian cocktails. Dedicated to life’s simple pleasures of eating and drinking well, Roma is a nod to regional Italian home cooking by Chef Luca Pezzera. Located at the heart of Jakarta’s Sudirman Central Business District, Roma makes Deli’s list for its beautiful al fresco location, authentic Italian meals, and its creative drinks selection.

Sofia at The Gunawarman, a palatial restaurant/gourmet market/patisserie portrays classical design with a modern flair. Serving exceptional coastal, European, Mediterranean and Indonesian cuisine, the dishes at Sofia are prepared with generous love and passion. The brisk patio area is always inviting you for an ethereal dining experience.

Hailing from the Balinese neighborhood of Umalas, Sinamon opened its doors in Jakarta back in May 2021. Sinamon’s favorite items are the classic cinnamon rolls with two kinds of icing: Cream Cheezin’ and OG. Sinamon is always a reliable fix for that sweet tooth craving. Don’t miss out on the four-pack of cinnamon goodness on GoFood!

Hay Thien at Mangga Besar offers a range of hotplate dishes, suikiaw, to satays. From sate babi, sate cha siu, sate ayam, to sate prime beef, Hay Thien has it all. The simple Asian eatery also offers wotie and various other yakitori-styled snacks.

Pangsit Mie Palu at Kelapa Gading is a branch from their original restaurant at Makassar, South Sulawesi. Pangsit Mie Palu’s specialty is their Pangsit Mie Besar, a dish of mie lurus served with babi merah, babi Tore, poached chicken, pangsit goreng, pangsit rebus, and a clear soup. The star of the show is its babi Tore – a Makassar-styled crispy pork dish. 

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