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How People Around the World Celebrate Valentine

How People Around the World Celebrate Valentine

Auli Cinantya
13 February 2022


It is believed that Valentine’s day is originated in France, but a few other countries have adopted the celebration and have their unique way of celebrating Valentine’s day.


Valentine’s day is approaching; this yearly celebration is the perfect time to celebrate with your loved ones. Stores are flooded with heart-shaped decorations, chocolates, sweet desserts, pretty cakes, while hotels and restaurants prepare special dinner offer to celebrate the day of love. Whether it’s with your partner, friends, or family, Valentine’s day is a day where people worldwide celebrate.

It is believed that Valentine’s day is originated in France, but a few other countries have adopted the celebration and have their unique way of celebrating Valentine’s day. In Bulgaria, couples celebrate Valentine’s with a glass of local wine. Valentine’s day celebrations worldwide occur in different ways that reflect local ideas about love.


France, known for its city of love, Paris, believed that the first-ever Valentine’s Day card originated in France back in 1415. Traditionally the French celebrated Valentine’s Day with “une loterie d’amour”. This custom saw single people in France standing outside houses calling out for other singletons until they eventually paired off together. If the male were not particularly attracted to his new suitor he would leave her. Nowadays , French couples gift one another with chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or romantic evenings. In addition to picking up a present at a chocolatier or a fleuriste, Parisians have even more options for celebrating this sweet holiday. Some Paris museums, monuments, and parks host special events 

South Korea

Couples are everywhere, especially in the capital city of Seoul. What unique is, in South Korea, they celebrate the day of love on the 14th of each month. In May they have “The day of Roses”, in June they have “The day of Kisses”, and in December they have “The day of Hugs”. But not only do couples celebrate love on April 14th, but single people will also celebrate “The Black day”, where they will eat traditional food Jjangmyeon, or Black Bean Noodle to commemorate the day.


In 2007, the Ghana government turned February 14th celebrated as the “National Chocolate Day” to increase tourism in the country. Ghana is well known as one of the largest cocoa-producing countries globally. On this day, you can see festivities of many performances, music, events, and lots of restaurants with special menus for the special day.


If you are not a big fan of Chocolate, they celebrated February 14th as the day of Winemakers in BulgariaYoung and old couples celebrate their love with a glass of fabulous local wine.


Denmark celebrates the day of love and romance on February 14th; despite Valentine’s day is considered a new festivity in Denmark, it is still a celebrated day that people consider a get-together day. Aside from the special Valentine’s dinner offers, you can also enjoy some live music concerts and many more attractions on Valentine’s day. 


Japan does it quite differently if February 14th is the day when women buy gifts to their loved ones, while on March 14th, they celebrate “White day”, where Men gives their dedication of love to their partner or a reply for their Valentine’s gift.


Brazilians celebrate Lovers day, also known as the “Dia dos Namorados” festival. There will be an exchange of cards, chocolates, flowers, and some can witness music festivals and dance performances. Aside from exchanging gifts, family dinners are also a typical celebration during this day.


It is said on Valentine’s day; the tradition is for women used to place five bay leaves on their pillows; this was done to bring dreams of their future husbands.


Valentine’s day in Italy is celebrated initially as their Spring Festival. Dinner Served Glasses Celebration Wine Restaurant. Today, Italians celebrate by exchanging gifts between lovers and romantic dinners.

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