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Room4Dessert is Back with R4D Academy 2023

Room4Dessert is Back with R4D Academy 2023

FoodieS Team
11 July 2023


R4D Academy with Chef Will Goldfarb, is back featuring new series of pastry classes.


The R4D Academy has been sharing the vision of restoring community through food for three years now. Following in the footsteps of its big sister Room4Dessert, the Academy has grown from a pastry-only program to include classes in all areas, from Zero Waste Cooking to Miyawaki Forest Design, to Rustic Urban Thai, featuring friends and experts from all over the world.

“At the same time, we don’t forget where we came from and what we know: to make great desserts and share our methods with the world.”

With that in mind, Room4Dessert is proud to present its fourth edition of Pastry Intensives, focusing on the key techniques that make R4D a mecca for not only dessert but culinary enthusiasts from across the globe. Starting in September, a week-long feature on Ice Cream and Frozen Treats is complemented by inside info on Creams and Mousses. We will walk you through all the steps to be able to make the best desserts in the world right in your own home or restaurant. Designed for students of all levels, each class will drill down on the fundamentals and include insight into the ingredients, techniques, and delivery of R4D’s iconic dishes.

Next up, in October, R4D is Cooking with Fire, and sharing the secrets of our Sauces, Gelees and Tropical Fruit cookery. November rain brings Fun with Cakes and Doughs. And December we present Great Garnishes and Finishing Touches. Pass through all four and complete a Master’s in plated dessert making.

Each week this autumn, features a trip to a different producer – the backbone of the R4D universe. Their favourite Balinese artisans and craftspeople have got you covered. Step into their world, where you will never see dessert in the same way again.

Continuing their commitment to give back, R4D Academy will award full scholarships to exciting young talented students from around the archipelago.

The year 2020 taught an important lesson. All future plans may go to waste, and that waste can be a starting point for innovation. Alone and stranded on this beautiful island, cooking for the community and caring for their team and artisanal producers, R4D longed to connect with the outside world: to share and encourage innovation in all corners.

Three years later, the R4D Academy has grown and grown, sharing not only our knowledge but that of industry heavyweights like Matt Orlando and Bo and Dylan from across the way. The spirit continues with our first forest-making class, demonstrating how small acts can change the world.

The tradition and commitment to Balinese history and craft remain unchanged, and each season brings new traditional wisdom to the front, like Jero Yudhi, who keeps on track with grilled fish and arak, showing yet again that Les is More.

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