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Pasarasa Vol 3, Brings Food and Beverage Professionals Together

Pasarasa Vol 3, Brings Food and Beverage Professionals Together

FoodieS Team
20 July 2023


Pasarasa Vol. 3: Tasting Market is a networking event for F&B businesses in Jabodetabek to collaborate and address challenges in the F&B industry.


On Tuesday, July 18, 2023, Local Kombucha brand, Ramuraga, and Denyut Bumi, the artisan tea and aromatic house, came together to present Pasarasa Vol. 3: Tasting Market. This event served as a networking platform for food and beverage businesses across Jabodetabek, fostering discussions about multi-party collaborations to tackle industry challenges collectively.

Pasarasa Vol. 3 featured a product showcase session, where each brand had the opportunity to present their products, providing a chance for other F&B players to gain deeper insights into their offerings. As part of the showcase, attendees had the delightful opportunity to savor special nibbles from renowned brands like Frutivez, Melts, Ppuff, Casa Grata, Tante Sayur, and Cairo Food. Other brands, including Bruh Nice, Gerai Kabupaten Lestari, Suwe Ora Jamu, Savanna Laweh, Kobumi, and Miringind, also proudly displayed their products during the event.

Pasarasa aims to bridge the gap for culinary businesses, fostering innovation and new breakthroughs in the food and beverage industry. Accelerice, an Indonesia-based food accelerator directly involved in curating the showcased products, extended a warm welcome during the event.

Anzali Adli, Business Development of Accelerice, expressed his enthusiasm for Pasarasa’s initiative, stating, “Pasarasa is a great platform for the food and beverage industry. It facilitates the exchange of ideas, sharing the latest information, and exploring collaboration opportunities with potential partners.”

He further emphasized that Pasarasa’s mission aligned perfectly with Accelerice’s vision of bridging innovation among players in the food and beverage sector. Given the industry’s high competition, the integration of food tech for nutritious and affordable food plays a pivotal role in enhancing the value chain of Indonesia’s food and beverage industry. Anzali hopes that Pasarasa becomes a regular fixture and envisions the event expanding its reach to F&B players across Indonesia, considering the flourishing food and beverage businesses in various regions.

The Pasarasa Vol. 3 event took place at Ecaps Kemang, an eco-friendly café nestled in South Jakarta. It welcomed 100 distinguished guests, including chefs, suppliers, enablers, consultants, and representatives from prominent food and beverage businesses such as William Grant & Sons, Javanegra, Lapislapis, and others.

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity for attendees to savor the newly released special drink menus: Jambonini, a delightful fusion of Ramuraga’s cranberry cinnamon kombucha and dry gin crafted by a talented bartender from Ecaps Kemang; Titisan Dewi and Ramu Bumi, tantalizing blends of Denyut Bumi’s Titisan Dewa tea with spiced rum and liqueur; and Choo Choo Ch’Boogie kombucha infused with aromatic bitters.

Irina Chatarina, Founder of Denyut Bumi, expressed their commitment to delivering a unique experience each time by adapting to the place and theme of the event. As she explained, “Pasarasa is all about collaboration with F&B businesses. This time, we curated a special drink menu, combining Denyut Bumi’s tea and Ramuraga’s kombucha, featuring Ramu Bumi, Titisan Dewi, and Jambonini, exclusively presented at Pasarasa Vol. 3.”

Furthermore, the organizers aim to maintain Pasarasa as a relaxed gathering space for like-minded food and beverage peers. They believe that the most meaningful connections happen during shared meals rather than formal meetings. Ivy Londa, Founder of Ramuraga, expressed her hopes for the event’s positive impact, stating, “We aspire for the initiatives brought forth by Ramuraga and Denyut Bumi to pave the way for the growth and development of food and beverage businesses in Jabodetabek and eventually extend throughout Indonesia.”

With Pasarasa Vol. 3 being a resounding success, the organizers look forward to future editions, continuing to nurture innovation and collaboration within Indonesia’s dynamic food and beverage landscape.

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