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Okuzono Japanese Dining Unveils Its Latest Menu

Okuzono Japanese Dining Unveils Its Latest Menu

Auli Cinantya
11 September 2023


From heartwarming Takikomi Gohan to mouthwatering Japan A5 Wagyu, Executive Chef Naoyuki Shimada offers an innovative menu while staying true to his Japanese roots


Okuzono Japanese Dining presents an authentic Japanese Izakaya concept nestled in the heart of Jakarta’s CBD. To welcome the month of September, Executive Chef Naoyuki Shimada offers an innovative take on traditional Japanese cuisine while staying true to its flavors.

Okuzono’s original menu showcases innovation while staying true to its traditional roots. Classic Japanese dishes are elevated with an infusion of unique Japanese Tea blends to create a new flavor palate.

Kaiso & Seaweed Salad presented as a refreshing start—green salad with mixed seaweed and edamame and served with ginger dressing. The blend of ingredients creates an intriguing texture, complete with crispy seaweed tempura. Meanwhile, the ginger-infused dressing succesfully enriched and enhanced the flavors.

Chokkoto Don is offered in three different variants: the Chokotto Don – Negitoro is raw minced tuna with green onion mini sushi rice bowl, the Chokotto Don – Ikura is a mini sushi rice bowl topped with Salmon Roe, and lastly, the Chokotto Don – Aburi Wagyu Chirashi is grilled Japan Wagyu Beef and Salmon Roe mini sushi rice bowl. The Chokkoto Don, which translates to a petite/small bowl, dignifies Okuzono’s approach to serving sushi bowls that are both convenient and delightful.

You can select their Otsumami Plate (assorted platter of the day) for sharing. An “Otsumami” is a traditional Japanese izakaya snack meant to be enjoyed alongside alcoholic beverages. The Otsumami Plate features seven distinct snacks, each served in small portions.

For the main course, Tasmania Beef and Corn Takikom Gohan with Truffle Egg will delight your dining experience. Takikomi Gohan is a method where rice, ingredients, and seasonings combine in one pot for cooking. The succulent Tasmanian beef, char-grilled to perfection, combines with bonito flakes and soft-boiled egg infused with truffle oil.

Lastly, one of the main highlights would be the Japan A5 Wagyu Ichibo Yogan Yaki. “Ichibo” refers to the cut of the meat near a cow’s bottoms, a rare and unique portion obtainable from just one cow. This meat is exceptionally tender due to its limited muscular activity. They lightly sear only the surface over high-temperature charcoal to enhance its exquisite qualities and present it alongside lava rock.

At Okuzono, the menu presents a delightful blend of innovation and tradition. With a firm foundation in classic Japanese cuisine, the restaurant takes culinary creativity to extraordinary levels. By infusing unique flavors, the dining experience becomes refreshingly exciting, inviting diners to explore a palate that enhances their enjoyment to the fullest.

To complete the dining experience, Okuzono Japanese Diining features an impressive range of finely crafted drinks. Choose from their six signature cocktails: SHA-RIN-GAN, OKU No Hana, Yuzu Tini, Midori Sleeper, Geisha Saketini, Elderflower Sunset, Peach Highball, and Yuzu Sour.

In addition to the cocktail selection, Okuzono Japanese Dining also offers an extensive array of Japanese sake, including the finest selection, such as Dassai, Cowboy Yamahai, and Hakkaisan Snow Age. Each sake brings its unique character and craftmanship to the table.

Okuzono Japanese Dining

Jl. Suryo No.1, RT.10/RW.3, Rw. Bar., Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12180

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