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Feast and Fun: Kids-Friendly Restaurants in Jakarta

Feast and Fun: Kids-Friendly Restaurants in Jakarta

Monika Febriana
27 June 2023


Indulge in a delightful combination of scrumptious feasts and endless fun at these kid-friendly restaurants.


During school holidays, it’s the perfect time to cherish moments with family and embark on a well-deserved vacation. While some opt for exploring tourist attractions, shopping at malls, or visiting playgrounds, others delight in dining out with their loved ones and savoring delectable culinary experiences.

There are many restaurants that are family-friendly or kid-friendly where you can enjoy delicious food with your family. Several restaurants provide playgrounds where children can play while enjoying food, making them kid-friendly restaurants. However, there are few restaurants that offer kids’ meals or special menus tailored to the portion sizes of children.

In order to help you with this, we have provided a list of a number of restaurants that provide menus for children that you can visit. Check the list below!

Kids-Friendly Restaurants in Jakarta


Indulge in a diverse selection of classic American fast food at Denny’s Diner, making it a delightful restaurant option for a family outing with the kids. This fast food establishment offers specially crafted menus catered to children, featuring mouthwatering options like Jr Chicken Tender, Jr Creamy Pasta, Jr Grand Slam, Jr Spaghetti, and Meatball. As you eagerly await your meal, you can also engage the kids by letting them enjoy the playful vending machine.


For those of you who want to enjoy a mix of Indonesian and Peranakan food, GIOI can be the right place for you. This restaurant has a family-friendly atmosphere and various menus, one of which is a special menu for children such as Baby Shark Du Du Du Du, Old Mcdonald Chicken Burger, and Cowly Mowly. This children’s menu is served in portions and on adorable plates for children.

House of Brooklyn

House of Brooklyn, provides a variety of breads to delicious main course menus that you can try. They provide a kids’ meal consisting of Noodle Prince, Knight Rice, Chicken Little, No Adult, and others. This restaurant also provides baking classes where your little ones can learn to cook various food menus in a fun way. In addition, the colorful interior of the restaurant also adds to the joy of dining, especially with children.

Johnny Rockets

For burger enthusiasts, a visit to Johnny Rockets is a must. Alongside its extensive selection of regular-sized burger options, this restaurant also offers a delightful range of kids’ meals, featuring mini burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, and more. Additionally, you can savor their premium ice cream, renowned for its creamy and refreshing taste, as well as indulge in hand-spun shakes. It’s worth noting that the various kid’s meal menus are exclusively available for children under 12 years old.

Pingoo Restaurant

Located at Jakarta Aquarium, Pingoo Restaurant provides an unforgettable experience for you and your little ones, including dining with penguins in the background. They also serve a delightful selection of kids’ meals, including the Mermaid Fish and Chip, Princess Spaghetti, and Pingoo American Hero. Not only do these dishes boast scrumptious flavors, but they are also crafted with children’s health in mind, offering a nutritious dining option for young ones.

Pizza Marzano

Pizza is almost everyone’s favorite food, from children to adults. At Pizza Marzano, you don’t have to worry about the kids not finishing their pizza. This restaurant provides a kids’ meal menu consisting of various pizzas, pasta, desserts, and special drinks made for children with the right portion for them. Besides enjoying various foods, children can also take part in a cooking class to make their own pizza creations. So they can learn how to make the food they eat.


Sudestada is a famous restaurant with a tempting menu of Latin-Argentinean dishes. This restaurant presents a homey atmosphere making it suitable for a family gathering. Apart from being family-friendly, this restaurant located in Menteng is also kid’s friendly by providing a variety of menus, such as cheese sausage with mashed potato, angel hair pasta with bolognese sauce, fried chicken with french fries, and a cheeseburger with french fries. These various menus adjust portions and tastes to suit children’s tastes.

Signature Restaurant

Signature Restaurant is famous for serving authentic Indonesian, Asian, and Western delicacies buffets. The restaurant is located in Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta and offers a special menu for children. The menu of children’s favorite foods includes Chicken Nuggets, Sausage Fried Rice, Fried Noodles, and more. After having a meal, you can go to the kid’s corner with your little one while tasting cotton candy, popcorn, and a chocolate fountain.   

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