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“Dimatique World of Wine” Showcases the Finest Wine Collection in Indonesia

“Dimatique World of Wine” Showcases the Finest Wine Collection in Indonesia

FoodieS Team
15 November 2023


Through "Dimatique World of Wine", Dimatique Fine Wines held the largest and most comprehensive wine exhibition in Indonesia.


Dimatique Fine Wines, a prominent wine distributor, is organizing the Dimatique World of Wine, hailed as the largest and most comprehensive wine exhibition in Indonesia. The event showcases over a hundred products from dozens of renowned wine brands and producers worldwide.

Marjuky, the Director of Dimatique Fine Wines, expressed, “Through this event, Dimatique Fine Wines aims to introduce wine not only as a beverage but as a culture closely intertwined with daily life, rich in history and heritage. Our goal is also to provide the public with an understanding of the excellent wine production process and the elements that influence its quality, including soil, grapes, air, and even sunlight.”

Choosing the year-end for Dimatique World of Wine was a deliberate decision. Marjuky believes that many moments can be enjoyed with loved ones in the remaining days of the year. Interestingly, the event serves as a platform to introduce various new brands and portfolios from Dimatique Fine Wines, including Felline, Bodegas Roda, and Jackson Family as part of their wine lineup.

Dimatique World of Wine not only serves as a meeting point for businesses in the hotel, restaurant, and cafe sectors with wine producers but also targets individuals interested in wine. Wicien, owner and sommelier at Contra, appreciates Dimatique’s initiative in presenting the World of Wine. “This event conveys a new paradigm to the public that wine is not just a product to be consumed but has its own story in every product produced,” said Wicien.

Visitors can delve into the world of wine through various expert-led workshops. The excitement of blind wine tasting, cheese pairing, and the history of wine is presented live at the Pullman Thamrin Hotel. For a fee starting from 150,000 Rupiah, visitors can participate in classes led by wine producers, covering topics such as Wine Etiquette with Milena Billi, Wine Knowledge: USA vs. The World by Pierre Marie, Wine & Cheese Pairing, and various other special workshops.

Dimatique Fine Wines has also partnered with Mazaraat Artisan Cheese, Korte Chocolate, and Riedel Glass to enhance the experience of enjoying wine as part of contemporary culture and lifestyle. World of Wine is Dimatique Fine Wines’ way of proving its vision to bring the world to its customers. The company maintains its own standards as a family-owned business, emphasizing its production history and high-quality curation.

“Moving forward, Dimatique Fine Wines will continue to organize similar events to inspire and broaden the horizons of wine enthusiasts, with the hope that such events will contribute to advancing the industry in our homeland. Seeing the enthusiasm this year, we plan to hold a similar event with the theme ‘Sensory Experience’ in 2024,” concluded Marjuky.

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