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Brewing Brilliance: Barista Champs of Indonesia

Brewing Brilliance: Barista Champs of Indonesia

Vania Ramadina
30 September 2023


From the essential ingredients to the passionate individuals behind each cup, the coffee industry is dedicated to delivering the finest beverages to your table. Get to know these awe-inspiring Indonesian baristas who have competed at both national and global levels.


The world of coffee is everything that takes enthusiasm and specialty. With the important things like the ingredients to the people behind the cup, the coffee industry participates in serving the best beverage to the table. The journey to be one of the best in the business might seem like an intricate one, but it’s never impossible with a passion.  A barista, a person who is involved in the coffee-making process, has to understand almost everything.

As we celebrate International Coffee Day, we want to shine a spotlight on the talented baristas right here in Indonesia. These individuals have not only mastered the craft but have also elevated it to an art form. From crafting exquisite latte art to curating unique coffee blends, they have contributed significantly to the specialty coffee scene in Indonesia.

A barista’s main job is to serve the best coffee to the people who will drink their creation. But it takes passion to really fathom all the other aspects of coffee. Other than the coffee flavor, a barista needs to understand how to produce and process coffee, the milk, and even the art that serves as a unique hallmark of coffee. Competition is one way to appreciate the baristas’ hard work, including in Indonesia. The champions of the competitions are some of the best baristas in Indonesia. Foodies and coffee lovers, do you know who they are?

Celebrating International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is a global celebration that recognizes the incredible impact that coffee has on our lives, from our morning rituals to social gatherings and beyond. This day, observed on October 1st every year, is a tribute to the people who work tirelessly in the coffee industry, from farmers and roasters to baristas and coffee shop owners. It’s a time to appreciate the journey of that fragrant, comforting cup of coffee, from bean to brew. International Coffee Day highlights the cultural, social, and economic significance of coffee while promoting fair trade practices and sustainable coffee production. Join us in raising a cup to this beloved beverage and the community that brings it to us on International Coffee Day.

Kelvin Deviro

When a barista enters a competition, they must give their best. More importantly, they must create the best coffee taste and presentation. That’s what Kelvin Deviro had to experience in the 2022 Indonesia Barista Championship (IBC). It is an event where some of the best Indonesian baristas compete to be the best. He was one of the twelve semifinalists and became one of the six finalists. Eventually, he came out 2nd place. He’s not a new face to the competition since he also participated in 2020. In 2021, he was a barista captain at Common Grounds Coffee Roaster. Today, he’s still part of the coffee house.

Muhammad Aga

Some people may already know Muhammad Aga. His name rose to prominence after starring in Filosofi Kopi with Chicco Jerikho and Rio Dewanto. Before being part of that movie, Muhammad Aga has been in the coffee industry since 2009. Until 2012, he continued to grow his skills as a barista. Nowadays, he is also a roaster, coffee house owner, and Q-grader, a trained and licensed coffee cupper.

Muhammad Aga won first place in a competition in the coffee world back in 2012 for the Latte Art Throwdown Competition. He has won the 2018 Indonesia Barista Championship and been an Indonesian finalist for the World Barista Championship in Amsterdam, respectively. Before that, Aga won 7th place in the ASEAN Barista Competition. He owns SMITH (Shoot Me In The Head) and Harapan Djaya Coffee Roaster.

Yessylia Violin

Another Common Grounds representation has also set foot in the IBC. She is Yessylia Violin, the number-one champ of last year’s Indonesia Barista Championship. Before winning the competition’s title, she was a runner-up in 2019 and the third-place winner in 2018. Alongside the Indonesia Brewers Cup Championship winner, Yessylia then went to Melbourne to compete at the world level, representing Indonesia.

Yessylia Violin enrolled in her first national competition in 2015 and came out in 2nd place. A roastery manager, she is a Tourism and Travel Services Management graduate. Coffee isn’t something new for Yessylia to be in since she has loved it ever since she was a little girl. Besides IBC, the coffee enthusiast has also competed in the Indonesia Cup Tasters Championship, World Cup Tasters Championship, and World Barista Championship.

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