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ATTIKO, a New Exquisite Rooftop Experience by Sunset Hospitality Group

ATTIKO, a New Exquisite Rooftop Experience by Sunset Hospitality Group

FoodieS Team
29 January 2024


Get ready for ATTIKO, a fresh rooftop hangout spot brought to you by Sunset Hospitality Group.


Bali is just alive and well. Get ready for ATTIKO, a fresh rooftop hangout spot brought to you by Sunset Hospitality Group. ATTIKO draws inspiration from the vibrant atmosphere of Asian nightclubs and cosmopolitan lounges. Situated in Berawa, ATTIKO is poised to revolutionize the rooftop social scene, seamlessly blending elegance with a buzz-filled environment, all complemented by exquisite culinary offerings.

ATTIKO is designed as the quintessential destination for both relaxed sundowners and lively dinner gatherings. At ATTIKO, you can lose yourself in a lively yet alluring Bali-inspired vibe, the ideal spot for soaking up stunning sunsets or having dynamic chats with friends. The space’s design transports you to trendy urban areas with a mix of refinement and edge—it’s an eye-catching scene that somehow still feels cozy.

Marking Sunset Hospitality Group’s newest expansion, ATTIKO, already a celebrated name in various locales, is more than just a rooftop lounge; it’s a lifestyle experience. Experience the seamless transition from sunset to high-energy nightlife at ATTIKO, where you’ll find an unmatched ambiance that promises new surprises and unforgettable memories every night.

ATTIKO prides itself on offering a wide variety of delectable Pan-Asian dishes and an impressive selection of refined beverages. Searching for a place to savour a romantic drink, relax with an evening beverage, or mingle with friends? Discover our terrace, boasting a wide selection of beverages and breathtaking sunset vistas.

The drinks at ATTIKO feature traditional Pan-Asian infusion methods with modern simplicity. From aged whiskeys and spirits to gins, sours, and bitters, ATTIKO’s broad range lets even the most discerning taste buds uncover fresh favorites every time they drop by.

Embarking on a culinary journey through ATTIKO’s diverse Asian cuisine is a tantalising experience that transports food enthusiasts across the continent. Led by talented chefs, the menu at ATTIKO offers a delightful blend of traditional Asian cuisine and innovative culinary creations.

Indulge in ATTIKO’s Wagyu Gyoza, a refined twist on the traditional dumpling. This exquisite dish combines Australian wagyu beef and foie gras with a subtle blend of mushrooms and sweet soy filling.

Diving into the main dishes, you’ll find a diverse menu featuring highlights like ATTIKO’s signature dish, Chilean Seabass, which showcases a 48-hour marinated fish slow-cooked in a charcoal oven, accompanied by a delightful blend of cauliflower, beetroot, and kabocha puree.

For a luxurious twist, try the Beef Tataki, served with a truffle yuzu sauce and garnished with fresh truffle. Another exquisite choice is the Tuna Carpaccio, which is artfully presented with truffle ponzu and shio kombu, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

The sushi offerings are a canvas of culinary artistry, with the Scallop sushi featuring marinated Hokkaido scallops, elegantly dressed with avocado, mango, and jalapeño, and topped with a zesty hint of lime, spicy chili oil, and basil oil. The sweet finish of the meal is perfected by ATTIKO’s signature dessert, Yuzu cheesecake, which offers a delightful end to the meal.

Rather than just a quick stop, ATTIKO is like taking a plunge into the heart of Asian elegance coupled with genuine warmth. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary realm and prepare for a night that flips your usual understanding of what nightlife can be.


Secana Beach Town Rooftop, Berawa, Canggu

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