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Your Guide To A Day of Eating In Puri

Your Guide To A Day of Eating In Puri

Danti Tarigan
23 January 2023


Plan to head out to West Jakarta for a culinary experience? Check out our picks and get a full day's worth of food in the Puri area!


As one of the city’s Chinese-Indonesian community hubs, Puri surely has its own charm. The area is like a culinary paradise of West Jakarta, strewn with various cafes, street food, and establishments that are difficult to find elsewhere. However, if you’re like me and live on the opposite side of the town, Puri area may be a place only visited once in a while.

So, to help you make the most out of the trip, here are some suggestions on what to eat in a day at Puri— from breakfast to dinner, savory to sweet!

Where To Eat in Puri, West Jakarta

Breakfast in Bakmi Agoan

Having been around since 1989, Bakmi Agoan’s homemade noodle is an inseparable story within the community, sustaining generations of customers with reliable and satisfying breakfast. Every day, people queue as soon as they open at seven in the morning for a bowl of their signature noodles. Whether you opt for the thicker and chewier Mie Alot, or the lighter Mie Kriting, both noodles will be served with a choice of soy sauce chicken or minced pork toppings, and then you can decorate it with scrumptious adds-on of Chasiu, Bakso, Pangsit, and Swekiaw (all prepared in-house).

Besides noodles, Bakmi Agoan also delivers classic Chinese-Indonesian rice dishes for regulars who wish to vary their orders from time to time. The favorite, ‘Nasi Hainam’, is a heaping serving of Hainan-style rice topped with steamed chicken, chasiu, ngohiong, and roasted pig, usually enjoyed with a bottle of ‘Susu Kacang’ on the side.

Mid-Morning Coffee at Dancing Goat Coffee Co.

After having noodles for breakfast, what’s the best way to wake you up from a carb coma? A robust cup of coffee from Dancing Goat Coffee Co. will do the trick! This industrial-style cafe is tucked away in between rows of Ruko Grand Puri and has been the talk of the neighborhood for some time, thanks to its cozy ambiance and specialty coffee. For the coffee aficionados, their cappuccino or latte is a safe bet to fix your coffee needs; with options of the ‘House Blend’ or the ‘Scapegoat’ for the base, depending on how acidic and strong you want your coffee to be.

If you crave something more filling with a milder coffee buzz instead, go for the rich (and punny!) Avoca-Joe, an avocado smoothie topped with a shot of expresso. To accompany the drinks, Dancing Goat Coffee Co. also serves a full kitchen with Indonesian and Western selections, as well as sweet treats like the ‘OG Klepon’ and ‘Ketan Hitam’ cakes.

Porky Lunch at Samcan Goreng Epenk

A trip to Puri won’t be complete without indulging in some pork dishes; and Samcan Goreng Epenk is one not to miss. The humble-looking place comes with a big flavor hidden inside that will certainly satisfy your pork craving, with menus like Nasi Campur (mixed pork rice), Sate Babi (pork satay), and Bakso Goreng (fried meatballs).

We ordered “Nasi Campur Spesial Sambal Matah” for a complete experience, which included their famous Samcan, Bakso Goreng, soy sauce egg, and spicy, fragrant sambal matah. Their fried pork belly (Samcan) has a golden crispy exterior, a perfect contrast to the soft, fatty flesh in one mouthful. If the crunch of Samcan isn’t enough for you, the restaurant also sells pork skin crackling by the bag! They also offer refreshing bottles of cold-pressed drinks like ‘Jeruk Kiamboy’ or ‘Kedondong Kiamboy’ to pair with the fatty lunch.

Desserts from Pesca Gelato Bar

Finding frozen sweets in Puri to cool yourself after a muggy day may not be the most difficult task since there is pretty much one in every corner. But when you enter Pesca Gelato Bar, expect to find much more than a cone of ice cream. With a concept of boutique gelato, Pesca Gelato Bar takes pride in its vast spectrum of Gelato flavors and Gelato-inspired creations. Serving gelato with flavors like Cookie Dough, Tiramisu, and Rainbow Unicorn, the premium quality is apparent in its smooth and rich texture. 

If you’re in the mood to try something new, try one of their unique frozen treats like gelato candy, cupcakes, macaroons, or mochi. Especially if you’re over 21, we recommend trying the crowd’s favorite: ‘Le Petit Rocher,’ a nut-and chocolate-coated gelato ball infused with different flavors and liqueurs. The Black Forest, for example, is filled with decadent chocolate gelato infused with cherry-flavored liqueur.

SaintWitch for Supper To Go

Conveniently located in the same building as Pesca Gelato Bar, SaintWitch presents a fusion of Asian flavors sandwiched between two pieces of western-style bread. The menu features exciting Asian-influenced combinations like ‘Balinese Steak’ and ‘Honey Japanese Teriyaki,’ but you can actually create your own sandwich to suit your preference to a tee. The sandwich is served along its classic sidekicks, crinkle-cut fries, and coke. Saint Witch packaged their product with the grab-and-go concept, so it’s ideal for keeping you fulfilled on the way home, or even better, to fuel your quest to find the next place to eat in Puri.

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