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OFF MEAT™️ Presents #DagingMasaDepan Made from Vegetable Protein

OFF MEAT™️ Presents #DagingMasaDepan Made from Vegetable Protein

FoodieS Team
22 April 2022


Dedication to a better and healthier Earth, Off Meat provides a choice of plant-based meats at affordable prices, which also carries the mission of sustainability.


OFF MEAT™️, a local product engaged in the alternative food industry officially introduces healthy meat creations made from plants with a mission of sustainability for the earth and the surrounding environment.

OFF MEAT™️ products are made mostly of soy protein, which makes them a great and healthier alternative to regular meat. OFF MEAT™️ with #DagingMasaDepan is now available in more than 100 restaurant outlets and 7 cities spread across Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Makassar, Medan, Yogyakarta, and Bandung.

“In Indonesia itself, currently the total food brands on the market reach 1 million, growing 50% compared to 2020 (data from GoFood). We see this as a huge market share and opportunity for the adoption of OFF MEAT™️. Our goal is to ensure OFF MEAT™️ becomes an F&B solution across the archipelago so that Indonesians can access delicious plant-based foods anytime and anywhere at affordable prices.” said Dominik Laurus, Co-Founder, and CEO of OFF FOODS®, the alternative food group, and producer that houses OFF MEAT™️.

#DagingMasaDepan served by OFF MEAT™️ provides various health benefits because it contains low cholesterol levels, high amounts of protein, low saturated fat, high fiber, rich in minerals and vitamins, as well as antioxidant content. Apart from these health benefits, OFF MEAT™️ itself was founded with the aim of breaking the stigma that plant-based meat alternatives have to be expensive. OFF MEAT™️ wants to present a selection of plant-based meats at reasonable and affordable prices, making it easier for people to choose a healthier lifestyle and diet. OFF MEAT™️’s main mission is to contribute to the sustainability of the planet by replacing meat products with plant-based ones.

Apart from that, OFF MEAT™️ also sees major changes in people’s lifestyle trends globally since 2020. These changes present a variety of new habits for the people of Indonesia. One of them is the increasing concern for the sustainability of the earth, the surrounding environment, mental health as well as physical health. The phenomenon of people who care more about their health is also manifested in changes in diet, where most people now prefer to consume healthy food choices, one of which is plant-based meat, or meat made from plants and nuts.

“The world is undergoing significant global climate change and Animal Farming is one of the biggest contributors. Plant foods are one of the solutions in reducing the growth of greenhouse gas emissions, that’s why OFF MEAT™️ participates in the Sustainability of our beloved Earth. OFF MEAT™️ focuses on providing plant-based meats without compromising the familiar delicious taste of each dish.” said Jhameson Ko, Co-Founder and CPO of OFF FOODS®.

As a manifestation of OFF MEAT™️’s seriousness in presenting healthier meat choices, OFF MEAT™️ and OFF FOODS® also recruited Brandon Salim as one of their brand ambassadors who participated in the #DagingMasaDepan campaign for their followers. He explained that taking the first steps to save the planet is not difficult. We can help slow down the global warming process only by reducing the consumption of animal meat.

“Can you imagine how making small adjustments in our daily decision-making can lead to a collective movement towards a better future? OFF MEAT™️ allows everyone to have easy and practical access to take the first steps to save the planet,” said Brandon Salim, Brand Ambassador of OFF FOODS®


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