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Best Eats: Selection Of Jamu To Boost Your Immune

Best Eats: Selection Of Jamu To Boost Your Immune

Auli Cinantya
18 February 2022


Passed down from generation to generation, the traditional Indonesian drink, Jamu, is known for its health benefit and can help you to boost your immune.


Some foods are known to boost the immune system, likewise with drinks, including traditional herbal medicine. Jamu, a traditional Indonesian drink that many loves, is a national heritage passed down from generation to generation.

Known for its plentiful benefits, Jamu has also been used for a long time as a medicinal herb. Made from natural ingredients that are widely grown in various parts of Indonesia. Around 2,518 plants are used as a traditional medicine to maintain health and prevent disease.

Traditionally sold on street vendors or Jamu Gendong, nowadays, you can easily find the modern version of Jamu. As time advanced, many brought back the traditional drinks with a more modern approach; some stayed to their original recipe, and some have various unique recipes but still maintain the essence and benefit of Jamu.



“Acaraki” is a term from the Madhawapura inscription; this term describes Acaraki as someone who concocts a herbal medicine, or Jamu. To preserve Indonesian culture, Acaraki is here to reintroduce the value of herbal medicine in people’s lives. By adapting coffee, tea, and matcha, Acaraki strives to present herbal medicine from a different point of view. Using several brewing techniques that are adapted from the coffee-making process, thus making the herbal taste more intense.

Their menu ranges from the traditional Beras Kencur and Kunyit Asam and some “Jamu New Wave” selection, including Hot Saranti, a blend of rice, aromatic ginger, cream, and milk; Bereskrim, a mix of rice, aromatic ginger and ice cream. Acaraki also provides sparkling Jamu packed in a can through their second brand, Acaraki Sparkling.


Akar Restaurant & Bar

As the name implies, AKAR Restaurant wants to explore the roots of Indonesian culture through food. Serving Indonesian dishes with a modern twist, Found and Co-Owner Chef Mac Gyver takes inspiration from family recipes to the culinary riches of the archipelago.

Their selection of “Jamu Jujur” provides a selection of drinks inspired by the traditional Jamu recipe but with a more modern twist. Their menu includes Ginger Citron, fresh-pressed ginger tea with lemon, kaffir lead lime, spice infusion and wild honey. While for a more traditional approach, they offer their version of Empon-Empon, made with blends of Kunyit Asam, Beras Kencur, rice milk, and herbal infused aren.


Jamu Well

First established in March 2020, Jamu Well offers a modern approach to Jamu. Combining traditional Jamu recipe with fresh fruit, they present a fresh, well-made drink, but without losing the benefit of the ingredients. 

Their unique creation includes Nourish Strawberry Turmeric, A subtle blend of fresh-pressed turmeric root, ginger root and strawberry. Crafted to relieve menstrual pain and stomach ulcer contains anti-inflammatory compounds and helps boost the immune system. Wellness Peach Ginger is a subtle blend of fresh-pressed ginger root and peach. Crafted to promote digestive health, keeps your body warm, contains anti-inflammatory compounds, and helps relieve nausea.


Jejamu by Mustika Ratu

Mustika Ratu, the pioneer of the beauty and health care industry, launched Jejamu in January 2020, intending to encourage the younger generation in Indonesia to be proud to drink Jamu and make it a part of their lifestyle. Using natural ingredients, Jejamu by Mustika Ratu actively participate in improving public health by promoting the drinking of original Indonesian Jamu. 

Mustika Ratu consistently shares a cultural heritage with the Indonesian people and the world through natural and high-quality products. Jejamu by Mustika Ratu has 5 flavour variants such as Kunyit Asam, Coco Pandan Latte, Temulawak latte, Golden Turmeric Latte, and Red Ginger Lemongrass.


KAUM Jakarta

Potato Head Family’s Indonesian dining concept, Kaum, is home to diverse and original Indonesian cultural programming. Known for its exploration of Indonesia’s regional recipes, Kaum provides variants of traditional Jamu served in glass bottles available in three different sizes, so you can enjoy it wherever you are.

The drinks you can find on “Jamu Komplit Kaum” includes Bandrek, Bajigur, Beras Kencur, Kunyit Asam, and Temulawak. You can also find Beras kencur chips, crispy herbal treats made from the same ingredient as the traditional Beras Kencur drink.



The brand that is famous for its wide range and unique cold-pressed juice presents a modern twist on Jamu. They aim to innovate present variants of traditional herbal medicine that are processed and packaged in a modern way. 

Using 100% natural ingredients and Indonesian spices, including turmeric, ginger, Kencur, Temulawak and Lemongrass, you can get two types of drink. One is the one-shot bottle, a small bottle pack with strong flavour and the regular bottle. They offer various variants, including Almond Bandrek, Tropic Lemongrass, Tropic Temulawak, Almond Kencur, Curcuma Ginger, Turmeric Ginger, and others.


Suwe Ora Jamu

Suwe Ora Jamu is one of the contemporary herbal drinks that the people of Indonesia now love. In addition to offering a variety of nutritious drinks, their Jamu is packaged in bottles that are easy to carry anywhere and anytime. 

Suwe Ora Jamu provides a variety of menus that are good for immune and stamina booster, including Turmeric Honey, Curcuma Honey, Galangal, Temulawak Honey, Asem Jawa and Rosella. In addition, there is also some classic Jamu selection such as Beras Kencur, Telang Lemongrass, Kunyit Asam, Jahe, Spice Temulawak and Alang-Alang.

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