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Italian Invasion: Where to Satiate Your Italian Food Cravings

Italian Invasion: Where to Satiate Your Italian Food Cravings

Auli Cinantya
30 August 2022


From fine dining to humble homemade foods, here is where to go to find authentic Italian cuisine in Jakarta and Bali


Italian food can easily charm our hearts, from seafood, pasta, pizza, to their artisanal cheeses. Known for their heartwarming and delectable cuisine, you can easily find many Italian restaurants in your neighborhood. 

Many Italian restaurants stay true to their spirit of sharing good food with loved ones, whether it’s a fine dining restaurant or a humble homemade cuisine. From Jakarta to Bali, we have curated some dining destinations you must go to for authentic and appetizing Italian food.


Alba Ristorante

Alba Ristorante, led by Chef Roberto Fiorini, a former private chef for Saudi King Salman, offers a gourmet tour through the heart of Italy. There’s a lot to choose from, including pasta, pizza, and antipasti, as well as a variety of grill menus and fresh seafood. If you’re looking for a lighter supper, their sweet and savory bakeries, pastries, choux, cakes, and cookies are tantalizing. 

Savor heartwarming Italian cuisine complemented by a fantastic signature cocktail while admiring the façade and quiet green terrace. ALBA Ristorante also serves a selection of cocktails ideal for watching the sunset.

Caffè Tutti

With feasts, festivity, and everything in between, Caffè Tutti is the latest dining destination under Amuz Group. Located in the busy district of SCBD, Caffè Tutti serves some delightful dishes from pizza, pasta, and some sweet desserts you won’t want to miss.

Mozzeria Deli And Pizzeria

Located in Dharmawangsa Square, this humble Italian Deli and Pizzeria is the perfect place to go when you want comforting Italian cuisine. Serving all-time favorite selections such as pasta, pizza, and sandwiches, you can also try their fresh and handmade mozzarella and burrata.
Designed with an open kitchen, patrons can easily look at how their favorite pizzas and sandwiches are made. Open in 2019, Mozzeria’s pizzas are prepared fresh daily with high-quality ingredients.

Osteria Gia

An all-day pasta and pizza bar that fuses nostalgic traditions from the past with a fresh contemporary vibe. Osteria Gia combines the charm of old villages with homemade Italian food, using the freshest and finest ingredients – some imported from Italy. The carefully crafted menu created by Chef Tomaso will take everyone on a culinary journey with the most decadent Italian flavors.

Roma Osteria & Bar

Dedicated to the simple joys of eating and drinking well, Chef Luca Pezzera’s Roma refers to regional Italian home cooking delivered in a magnificent yet friendly location in Jakarta’s SCBD. Drop by for an al fresco lunch featuring the finest authentic Neapolitan pizza in town, prepared by world champion pizzaiolo Pasqualino Barbasso.

A leisurely meal should include at least one iteration of their Cacio e Pepe, spaghetti carbonara, or the Trippa all Romana, complemented by fantastic Italian wines. The bar is ideal for aperitivo and late-night revelry: try the outstanding Garibaldi, any classic and inventive Negronis, or any cocktail featuring amaro and bitters.



Cibo! literally translates to “food” in Italian, and the name implies that everything they do in their daily lives revolves around it. Everything is produced from scratch every day. Chef Diego and his crew want to provide an essential, casual eating experience for everyone by delivering what’s available, what’s in season, and, most importantly, what’s excellent.

Cibo! is a restaurant, deli, gelateria, and inviting social space simultaneously. They have you covered whether you want some authentic Italian bread and pastries from their counter, a hearty comfortable meal, something to cook at home, or a simple snack.

MAURI Restaurant

MAURI’s menu is inspired by Pugliese heritage, providing a contemporary Italian dining experience with a touch of tradition, where ingredients are handled with care to highlight their purest flavors.

MAURI tries to use as many homemade items as possible and selects the finest quality local ingredients in partnership with Balinese farmers. Enjoy a feast that showcases the best of what MAURI has to offer.

Riviera Sanur

Riviera is a family-owned and operated restaurant with an extensive menu of authentic Italian recipes from their grandmother.

Located in Sanur, this cozy restaurant is perfect for those looking for authentic Italian recipes that come straight from grandma’s cookbook. The dishes were presented brilliantly and served with great enthusiasm. Serving from the morning until midnight, they will also be live music entertainment starting from 6 PM.

Sa'Mesa Canggu

Sa’Mesa (The Table) is a revolutionary eating concept that mixes traditional Italian recipes with a contemporary presentation. Sa’Mesa has only one table with a capacity of 20 people. Book a single seat or many seats for a group supper and enjoy over 20 dishes served over four courses in a shared plates format, similar to what you’d find at your grandmother’s house in Italy. A new culinary experience produced by Bali’s best Gastronomic professionals, ideal for food and wine enthusiasts.

The “Sa’Mesa Experience Dinner” is inspired by “La Nonna Carmela,” an Italian grandmother who used to host dinner parties for everyone. The Neighbor, the Neighbor’s girlfriend, three different uncles, her children, grandchildren, and everyone else in her village is all there.

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