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Makes Everyday Feels Like Sunday

Makes Everyday Feels Like Sunday

Auli Cinantya
15 July 2022


Sunday Bowl Cereal Club offers a wide variety of local and international cereals for your all-day indulgence.


If we are talking about cereals, our mind immediately sets to breakfast. But what better way to indulge in these sweet-filled crispy delicacies than to enjoy them all day. And that’s just what you can get at Sunday Bowl Cereal club. Located in Panglima Polim – one of the city’s well-known café hotspots – Sunday Bowl Cereal Club gives you a glimpse of the fun Sunday vibe throughout the week. It offers a vast selection of local and foreign cereals, where you can mix and match your favorite cereals with a choice of milk – some also have unique flavors.  

If you pass the place, your eyes will miss out on the building. Deck in a combination of orange and blue, their giant logo is eyecatching. Once you enter the place, the hallway decors with their cute character will greet you. Their interior style is distinctive; the walls are decorated with 80s-style ceramics and colorful cereal boxes. And just like any other club, you can see the “bar” where they will mix and concoct your favorite mix of cereals or fun smoothies.

Due to its eye-catching decor and wide selection of exotic cereals, the place quickly gained popularity after its initial Bandung opening in late 2019. The Sunday Bowl Cereal Club sells various cereals from local to international. But don’t expect just your classic boring cereal bowl; aside from the traditional choice, their menu ranges from ice cream, smoothies, and cereal swirls. There are no limitations when mixing and matching your favorite cereals. They also offer other flavored milk, yogurt, and several choices of topping such as oreo, banana, frozen raspberries, and marshmallows. 

Cereal options include Coco Krunch, Corn Flakes, Stars, Fruity Pebbles, Oreos, Honey Comb, and many more. You can add milk, yogurt, or toppings to any cereal. If you’re having trouble deciding which cereal to order, always trust their highlighted and favorite items. 

That’s why we ended up with Broco Loco, Berry Poppin, and try the ‘Make Your Own Bowl’ with your selections of two flavor cereal, milk, and toppings.

As someone who loves brownies, Broco Loco is a treat, soft, airy brownies with crunchy cereal blends with light milk ice cream. The brownies at the bottom were fudgy and gave you all the combination of the right texture and flavor. Aside from the Broco Loco, Berry Poppin is among their most popular menus. Berry candyness shake with a hint of fun fruity crunch cereal, offering a lightly sweet delight suitable for those with a sweet tooth, especially those who love fruity crunch cereal. The texture of the smoothies was not too dense; it was velvety yet crunchy with a delightful whipped cream on top. 

As Queen’s Another One Bite’s The Dust played in the background, and here we are thrilled from the sugary sweetness, overall Sunday Bowl Cereal Club able to give you a sweet and enjoyable time with your friends and families.

Sunday Bowl Cereal Club

Jl. Panglima Polim V No.36, Melawai, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12160


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