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REVIVE Smoothies Launches An Inspiring Smoothies Drinks

REVIVE Smoothies Launches An Inspiring Smoothies Drinks

FoodieS Team
31 August 2022


REVIVE Smoothies, supported by SaladStop! has introduced a variety of smoothies with a delicious blend of fresh fruit, rich in health benefits, and MUI halal certified, to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Smoothies using fresh fruit are widely known for their health benefit. However, drinking smoothies that are not only healthy but can also provide positive inspiration in carrying out activities is still rarely mentioned nowadays.

Encouraging the trend of drinking smoothies, REVIVE Smoothies, supported by SaladStop!, is now officially available in Indonesia and ready to introduce a variety of smoothies with authentic fruit freshness, rich in benefits, and are MUI halal certified. REVIVE Smoothies’ vision is to inspire and encourage everyone to pursue their passion or life goals that they want to achieve to impact lives through smoothies positively.

REVIVE Smoothies introduced twelve exotic and colorful smoothies made from fresh fruits. Berry Strong, Power Shot, Choco Power, Berry Fit, Miracle Cure, Morning Boost, Summer Bliss, Tropical Juice, Beauty Potion, Berry Passion, Brain Booster, and Mango Tango are among the twelve choices. REVIVE Smoothies also offers smoothies in ready to be consumed packaging for Gen-Z communities with high mobility activities. Customers can also enjoy this smoothies menu variant, with prices ranging from Rp35.000 to Rp45.000 per menu.

Rafii Saztura, Brand Manager of REVIVE Smoothies, stated that the company would consistently deliver relevant solutions as an F&B brand to become a life-changing experience for the needs of consumers. REVIVE Smoothies will always emphasize this with each new campaign launch.
“We have seen an increase in smoothie intake, particularly due to exceedingly challenging situations. REVIVE Smoothies, as part of the Ateria Group and supported by SaladStop!, wishes to be a lifelong partner for everyone who always wants to be better in every aspect of their life,” he explained.

Customers can only order these smoothies through online orders, such as GoFood, GrabFood, and TravelokaEats. In response to questions about the unavailability of offline orders, Rafii explained, “The current era’s high mobility with limited time has finally pushed us to start shifting towards online ordering as a whole. In the meantime, we will remain consistent in implementing online-based marketing strategies to make it easier for customers to buy REVIVE Smoothies products quickly and efficiently.”

Furthermore, REVIVE Smoothies is consistently making breakthroughs to enliven the trend of drinking smoothies that are currently relevant to customer needs and through innovations that can inspire every generation now and in the future. REVIVE Smoothies also welcomes everyone to begin switching to a healthy and balanced lifestyle by drinking smoothies. It also encourages everyone to take a chance and pursue their passion with positive actions. 

Don’t miss out on the promo of Buy 1 Get 1, especially for the following favorite menu choices: Berry Strong Free Choco Power, Morning Boost Free Miracle Cure, and Berry Passion Free Power Shot during the REVIVE Smoothies’ grand launching period.

Revive Smoothies

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