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Re.juve Launches New Product High in Vitamin C and Natural Antioxidants

Re.juve Launches New Product High in Vitamin C and Natural Antioxidants

Auli Cinantya
09 July 2022


Re.juve launches two new products with True Cold-Pressed Juice Kiwi line, the Tropic Joy and Tropic Green


Re.juve as a leader and pioneer of ultra-premium True Cold-Pressed Juice in Indonesia, continuously innovates in providing the best for the community so they can live happier #LiveHappier through a selection of food and beverage products.

Further complementing the variant with high natural vitamin and antioxidant content, today, Re.juve launched the long-awaited product variant, the True Cold-Pressed Juice Kiwi Line. Seeing the many benefits of kiwi that consumers don’t know much about, Re.juve launched two variants at once by making green kiwi fruit as its main composition.

“Green kiwi is known to have a high antioxidant content, rich in vitamins C, K, and E. Seeing the many benefits of green kiwi, we want to provide a choice of how to enjoy green kiwi more deliciously. We launched the True Cold-Pressed Juice Kiwi Line, Tropic Joy, and Tropic Green combined with organic vegetables and other fresh fruit. The content of vitamin C in True Cold-Pressed Juice kiwi size can even meet 85 to 100 percent of vitamin C needs per day, which is very good for maintaining healthy skin, and digestion, and can also boost the immune system.” said Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re.juve.

Richard also added that one bottle of True Cold-Pressed Juice Kiwi Re.juve contains as much as 5 to 7 grams of fiber, meeting 17 to 23 percent of fiber needs per day. The manufacturing process also went through very high food safety standards with the best True Cold-Pressed technology and added with High Pressure (HPP) technology, making this product much safer for consumption while maintaining its quality, taste, freshness, and nutrition.

“All of Re.juve’s ready-to-drink products, including the True Cold-Pressed Juice Kiwi variant, apply the #CleanLabel principle, which prioritizes the values of honesty and transparency, making it different from other juice producers. Details of each natural ingredient we use are listed on the bottle label without anything being hidden, as well as nutritional facts that are tested based on laboratory results that BPOM has approved. We also take care of its vitamin and mineral content using True Cold-Pressed and High Pressure (HPP) technology, and without the pasteurization process, “explained Richard.

True Cold-Pressed Kiwi Line Re.juve comes in two variants, Tropic Joy: Contains green kiwi, apple, strawberry and organic beet, and Tropic Green: Contains green kiwi, apple, pineapple, and organic spinach. 


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