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Warm Your Spirits at Ramen for The Soul

Warm Your Spirits at Ramen for The Soul

Auli Cinantya
16 August 2022


Ramen ForThe Soul serves fresh and inventive takes on classic comfort Japanese cuisine that will make your mouth water.


Noodles are a simple staple food that’s famous around the world and have a long tale of history; this comfort food is easily found around the world. Every country has its own take on Noodles from the East to the West. 

Versatile yet so simple and humble, through the thick and thin, the spicy and the icy, noodles are comfort food that has filled my memories since childhood. That is why noodles are on top of my favorite food, I love any kind of noodles, and we know noodles have a lot of variations. 

For someone who loves noodles and has had early access to cable tv since I was young, Japanese culture always piques my interest, including their food culture. You may have read and known many good authentic and traditional ramen restaurants in town. But for today, Ramen For The Soul (RFTS) will guide you to a new experience of this simple yet very comforting food. They serve fresh and inventive takes on classic comfort Japanese cuisine.

Located in the well-known district of Wolter Monginsidi, Ramen for The Soul invites you to ascend to a different dining experience, and by ascending, I mean it literally because they are located on the second floor. 

A delightful aroma already greeted me the first moment I arrived at this place. The place serves a casual vibe with classic Japanese decors such as wooden doors, rounded windows, and the most interesting semi-open kitchen. You can take a look at how your order is made. 

Officially open in December 2021, their Ramen has shown up all over social media in the past months, especially their highlighted menu, the Matcha Ramen. Now, Matcha Ramen is not something new; in 2020, Chef Tomoharu Shono, a.k.a the Ramen Creator (as he goes by on his social media profile), presented his takes on Matcha Ramen that was greeted with open arms all over the internet. 

Aside from the Matcha Ramen, Ramen For The Soul have other highlighted menu that is just as tempting, like their House Gyoza, Jushi Chicken Ramen, Mala Ramen, and their eye-catching dessert gyoza.

As there were so many selections, we opted to try their most famous dish, the Matcha Ramen (this one was a straightforward choice), and their Jushi Chicken Ramen. The moment our order came to our table, the mouthwatering smells from the Ramen blew me away.  

Let’s start with their signature dish, the Jushi Chicken Ramen. The rich, velvety broth and homemade noodles topped with their boneless juicy chicken and crispy-skinned chicken exemplify the definition of RFTS. Let’s take a moment to analyze every little detail in this dish because they deserve their own spot to shine.

Starting with the chicken topping, this thick chicken thigh bursts with flavor. The generous cuts of boneless chicken serve a delightful smoky aroma and are tasteful. That is not all; you will find bits of crispy chicken skin that hits you with a burst of saltiness. Making this dish more exciting than it can be. 

The soup is produced with high-quality chicken that has been slow-cooked for 10 hours to create a rich, velvety, flavorful white soup; you can easily spot the collagen forming from the thick soup. If you love to want it to be thicker and more decadent, they offer an added IDR 10,000 for a thicker broth. 

Next, the king of all, the highlight of our journey here, the noodles. Their noodles are created in-house, matured, and cooked to the precise firmness to enhance the soup’s flavors. Every strand of noodles is perfectly captured and coated with the broth, creating addicting slurps you won’t want to stop.

Meanwhile, the Matcha Ramen offers a different kind of journey. The bright-colored Ramen is not just tempting for the eyes but also for my appetite. Matcha-infused creamy chicken broth, signature Jushi Chicken, and black garlic oil blends into one delightful umami taste in my mouth. The broth offers just the right hint of matcha flavor that successfully enhances the broth’s savoriness.

Combines with their homemade noodles that coat perfectly with the broth have successfully made me fully immersed in enjoying this bowl of noodles. With the warm broth served with generous toppings and captivating aroma, this Ramen is definitely a food that can calm and nourishes the Soul. 

But our journey does not end here because, for dessert, we had chosen their Apple Crumble Gyoza, warm fried gyoza served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a unique dish inspired by the British Apple Crumble. 

The cold ice cream contrasts with the warm gyoza, enhancing the experience. The flavor of cinnamon and the sweetness from the apples will engulf your palette. Combines with the sweet crumbs made from a mixture of sugar, almond, and toasted cinnamon. 

So, if you needed comfort food that could warm your heart and spirits, Ramen for The Soul is the place for you.

Ramen For The Soul

Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.27, RT.1/RW.1, Rw. Bar., Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12180

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