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Jameson Launch A New Premium Irish Whiskey Jameson Black Barrel

Jameson Launch A New Premium Irish Whiskey Jameson Black Barrel

FoodieS Team
31 March 2022


Jameson Launch Jameson Black Barrel as A New Premium Irish Whiskey with Double Charred for Rich & Smoother Taste


Jameson, the number one Irish whiskey, has unveiled a new premium whiskey offering, the Jameson Black Barrel. Jameson Black Barrel is a tribute to the cooper’s method of charring barrels, an age-old method of reinvigorating casks.

Jameson Black Barrel is matured for considerably longer than the original Jameson Irish Whiskey — on average, twelve years rather than five years — in a combination of heavily charred ex-bourbon barrels and ex-sherry casks. Nowadays, the use of double charred barrels is a choice rather than a necessity.

Jameson Black Barrel is a blend of ‘small batch’ grain and traditional Irish Pot Still whiskeys. The extended maturation process lends this whiskey intensified notes of vanilla sweetness, caramel, alongside toasted wood, rich fruit flavours, floral and warm spice.

The saying ‘the wood makes the whiskey’ is often used in the whiskey industry, and while it’s not always noticeable as a discerning factor for most whiskeys, it definitely is for this exceptional whiskey. Jameson Black Barrel showcases some of the varieties of barrels at our Midleton Distillery, and the profound influence that wood can yield.

The Jameson Black Barrel presents a Butterscotch and creamy toffee fudge aroma, with the taste of Nutty notes with spice and vanilla sweetness, and a rich and intense toasted wood and vanilla finish. 

You can serve Neat or “on the rocks”, Black Barrel Whiskey Sour, and Black Barrel Old Fashioned.

Jameson Black Barrel has been launched at and selected outlets in Ireland in November and officially launched today in Indonesia. Jameson Black Barrel is available in selected outlets at  Rp1.100.000,-.

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