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Glenfiddich Presents It’s Celestial Theme Limited Edition Package

Glenfiddich Presents It’s Celestial Theme Limited Edition Package

FoodieS Team
11 February 2022


Award Winning Single Malt Scotch invites you for a toast to future fortunes with the third and final installment of Rlon Wang's trilogy of designs.


Glenfiddich, a product of distiller and distributor William Grant & Sons, is launching a limited edition gift package in celestial style to welcome the Lunar New Year. Based on the work of renowned artist, Rlon Wang, the design in 2022 invites us to look to the future and imagine a world with many auspicious wonders that await.

While many families look forward to getting together, both near and far, for the Lunar New Year, they are certainly looking for the perfect gift to inspire new beginnings full of exciting possibilities. This final edition in a trilogy of Chinese New Year gift pack series that Rlon Wang designed for Glenfiddich welcomes the occasion in celestial fashion.

The story begins with Charles Gordon (son-in-law of Glenfiddich founder William Grant) and his exciting journey to introduce Speyside Scotch Whiskey to the world. The following year became an extraordinary ‘Great Homecoming’ story, where the iconic reindeer, known as Fu Lu in Chinese which symbolizes wealth, prosperity and longevity in Chinese culture, is a sign to honor his triumphant return along with various miraculous stories. and amazing to share. In the end, an amazing imagination of what we ask after arriving home after a great adventure emerges – Where next?

Curiosity and a vision for the future are woven into the DNA and story of Glenfiddich who always pushes boundaries and challenges the conventional. This prompted an independent visionary family to venture into places no malt expert had ever been before.

More than 130 years of experience of experimenting and innovating led to the creation of the drink that is now the Recipient of the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Scotch Whiskey.The excitement of this new and amazing experience can be tasted in every sip of the extraordinary Single Malt in a series of gift packages that can bring consumers back to when Glenfiddich first created the malt category in 1963.

This 2022 limited edition bottle is the last in a trilogy of thought-provoking stories depicted in the design of the limited edition gift pack. These bottles are available on 21 Year Old Glenfiddich Reserva Rum Cask and 12, 15, and 18 Year Old Malt Whiskey

Each packet of whiskey has a variety of colors to match the malt label. In this vibrantly colored gift package is a beautiful golden liquid that embodies the finest of Scottish flavours. Bold innovations and expert knowledge passed down from generation to generation make Glenfiddich’s Scotch Whiskey a masterpiece to be shared and remembered.

“I really enjoyed working with Glenfiddich on this final design; I can use layered illustration techniques to depict my brightest hopes and dreams on canvas. I give the design an otherworldly feel by using traditional symbols in a futuristic form. This design features the Royal Stag Glenfiddich and a traditional Chinese lion dance rising to the stars with a bright galaxy in front of them; lucky lanterns, lotus flowers, and towering phoenixes guide them into a vibrant and galactic world. Zero gravity allows them to reach new heights, representing an infinite future that awaits,” said Rlon Wang

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