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Chan Chan Korean BBQ is Preserving Stories and Histories

Chan Chan Korean BBQ is Preserving Stories and Histories

Auli Cinantya
06 October 2022


Located in the SCBD district, just a few walk away from its pioneer, Mr. Park; Chef Park Seung-chan presents a more modern style of Korean BBQ while still preserving its authenticity.


Korean BBQ is a popular social and dining experience that blends customs, etiquette, and cuisine. And as Jakarta is known as a melting pot of culture, it is not difficult to find authentic Korean restaurants here in the capital.

One of which is located in the SCBD District, Mr. Park. The humble traditional Korean Restaurant serves some authentic Korean BBQ dishes that could cater to both Korean and Indonesian. And after seven years, the restaurant closed to begin a new chapter with a new chef in town, Chef Park Seung-Chan.

Located not far from its predecessor, chef Park established Chan Chan Korean BBQ. Offering a more elevated dining experience. Combining traditional recipes with modern cuisine without taking away the essence of Korean food.

“The name Chan Chan holds a lot of meanings. It derives from my name and represents our traditional Korean side dish called ‘banchan.’ But it also means ‘chan!’ a chant that we utter when we make a toast,” said Head Chef and Owner Park Seung-chan.

Chef Park has always known that he wanted to become a chef since he was little. Following his father’s footsteps (who has successfully honed the renowned Korean BBQ restaurant Mr. Park), chef Park decided to continue his journey and open his own establishment.

Helming a new concept, chef Park wanted to showcase classic and authentic Korean BBQ dishes and a more modern fusion menu. The combination is not only shown in the menu but also in the interior of the place. The restaurant showcases a minimalist touch with muted gray and black interiors with a broader space. A more refreshing look compares to before. But still, chef Park wanted to put traditional elements in every corner of the restaurant, much like the traditional paintings he brought from his hometown.

The restaurant boasts around 50 menus, with various meat and cuts to choose from. Classic dishes range from selections of different popular cuts like Yangyeom Galbi (Korean BBQ Short Ribs), Woo Sam Gyeop (Thinly Sliced Beef Belly), Bulgogi (Marinated Grilled Beef), and Sam Gyeop Sal (Grilled Pork Belly).

Korean cuisine is diverse and rich in history and beliefs. That is why chef Park still wants to maintain some of the traditional cuisines his family has kept for a long time. Other classic dishes you can try include Yukgaejang (Korean Spicy Beef Soup), Sollong Tang (Ox Bone Soup), Nakji Bokkeum (Spicy Stir Fried Octopus), and many more. 

“I’d like to say that my cooking style is more of a fusion. I tried to combine different types of cuisine from various countries and experiment with Korean spices and ingredients. Like the other day, I tried to make Lasagna but with Kimchi,” he explained.  

You can find some modern takes on classic Korean cuisine like Rose Tteokboki and Cheese Mandu. Meanwhile, Kkaetnip Pesto Pasta is one of chef Park’s fusion creations, inspired by the traditional Italian Pesto but using Kkaetnip, also known as Perilla leaves, a staple ingredient in Korean cuisine.

With a whole new concept and a new place, chef Park doesn’t derive far from his roots. He aims to bring a more elevated dining experience that can cater to everyone yet still showcase the essence of Korean food.

Chan Chan Korean BBQ

Galeria SCBD LOT6, Jl. Jend. sudirman kav 52-53 No.6, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12190

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