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Over a billion tons of food is wasted every year all over the world. 61% of which is wasted in the home. We should start getting our act straight if we want the next generation to have enough to eat.

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What Foodies Eat: Respati Tamio

Respati Tamio is no stranger to the Jakarta Selatan dining scene, especially with his very own brand: Byurger. Read on to find out what his favorite eats are.
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Exploring Indonesian Roots with Akar

Akar Restaurant & Bar explores modern Indonesian cuisine in a way we have never see before.
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Caviar Dinner at Mozaic, Ubud

The Chris Salans Group is delighted to announce an exclusive event at Mozaic Restaurant in Ubud, on Friday September 17th 2021.
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W / T / ME’s Magical Touch

W / T / ME introduces innovative flavor shortcuts made from restaurant grade fermented pantry essentials, that promotes zero-waste practice.
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New Chef-Guided Excursion at Four Seasons Resorts, Bali

Bali’s lush wilderness and dramatic coastline has inspired new culinary adventures led by the chefs of Four Seasons Resorts Bali.
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Mad Grass Opens in Cipete

Mad Grass, the world's first plant-based collaborative space and cloud kitchen, opens in Cipete, South Jakarta.
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What Foodies Eat: Ian Eryanto Wongso

In this edition of What Foodies Eat, we spoke to Ian Eryanto Wongso, co-founder and chief content officer of JKTGo.
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Reminiscing Jakarta’s Favorites

With limitless dining experience to choose from daily, from time to time we'll feel the need to revisit what is familiar and nostalgic. To reminisce through food, here is our pick for Jakarta’s long-loved foods.
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